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Jogi Gundi waterfalls, Agumbe

November 2022 Update: Visited again - almost now water except the left most stream. Not worth visiting after October I guess.

Original Post (Aug 2022)

Jogi Gundi is a nice waterfalls to visit when in Agumbe during monsoon season. Jogi Gundi is accessible via an easy trek of about a km from parking area. Forest department charges 100 INR per person to give access to Jog Gundi. You can check this post for photos and other details and plan your visit while visiting Agumbe.

While forest official claimed a 300 meter walk, I believe the walk is much longer. At least 300-500 meters plain walk and then another 300 meters down the steps. So be ready for about a km of trekking, which is not really much and totally worth it.

Jogi Gundi falls is nice. You will get an angular view from entry point. For best view you will have to negotiate few rocks and get to the center. 


Jogi Gundi waterfalls key information:

  • Season to visit: July till November
  • Entry fee: 100 per person
  • Trek required: About a km
  • Leeches: No
  • Time to spend: 20-30 minutes or more depending on crowd and your interest
  • Timing: 9 AM till 5 PM. Gate will be closed if you go too early.
  • Can we take bath? Too deep to stand right under the fall, little away is doable.
  • Facilities available: None. Visit Agumbe town (4 kms) for food, restroom etc

I could see Jogi Gundi in two parts- one portion on left where water was gushing out from a holl in the rock and the other portion where it was falling down from the rock. Height is not much- may be 7 to 10 meters. 



  • There is a Barkana Viewpoint which is 3-4 kms from Jogi Gundi by road + 2 kms trekking. When we visited there was no view available due to mist cover. On a clear day, it would be nice.
  • Narasimha Parvatha trek: Allowed with 500 Rs per person ticket plus need to hire a guide. Will be an almost full day program, including visit to Barkana Falls
  • Kalinga CRE: A research center with stay option. Read detailed post here.
  • Kundadri hill: nice uphill drive, temple and views. 9 AM to 5 PM only.


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