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Goa's beautiful heart shaped Sarzora Lake that is NOT open to tourists!

Sarzora is a nice little lake just around 12 kms from Madgaon. But unfortunately this beautiful lake is not open to tourists. It is sad but may be it is better that way, till tourists learn to behave.

The heart shaped Sarzora lake has a nice walking track around it and would have been a great place for an evening visit. However, authorities have decided to lock the gate and ensure no one gets in. It is said that lake was closed to public during Covid days and was never opened again. 

Sarzora lake is controlled by Goa State Wetland Authority. But their website has no information on this lake. https://gswa.goa.gov.in/sarzora-lake/

While internet has many reviews from people who visited it when it was open, we found it closed when we visited. There was a post for someone like a guard to sit and watch but no one was present when we visited. 

Why Sarzora lake is closed to public?

I feel the main reason the lake is closed is because of careless tourists who throw beer bottles and other garbage around. Many of the waterfalls and beaches and tourist spots are littered. Sarzora lake is better left to its own without opening it to tourist crowd. It could have been possible to open it to tourists with few guards to keep a watch, but  unless 100s of visitors buy tickets every day, the staff expenses won’t work out.

I took a drone shot and a short video from a distance, to give you a glimpse of what Sarzora lake is like. In monsoon the lake was pretty full and beautiful. A railway track passes nearby and there are paddy fields on one side. Water is used for agriculture purposes.

Watch drone video of Sarzora lake below [Watch on youtube]

So during your next visit you can check if Sarzora lake is open to tourists and plan a visit accordingly.

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