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Pavoor Uliya Church & wooden bridge, Adyar, Mangaluru

I was unaware of this scenic spot in Mangaluru till a post by Gopala Krishna Baliga on Facebook. Adyar footbridge is an offbeat spot on the outskirts of Mangaluru city. Adyar foot bridge connects the mainland to a small island in the middle of Netravati river. This island is home to probably 50 odd residents in a dozen different houses and have a church as main attraction.

Few areal photos added. Drone Video at the end.

You can follow google map and reach the area. Last 500 meters are suitable for bikes and autos only. If you go in the car you have to walk. 

Locals charge 20 INR ticket per person to use the foot bridge.

The bridge is supported by a strong metal frame but has wooden planks of various size and shape along the way. It is comfortable to walk but do watch out as you don’t want to get stuck in some open spots.

It was raining (a very unusual rain in March) when I visited so I couldn't launch the  drone. Will visit some other day one more time.

On the other side of the church is a river access. You can get close to Netravati river. Below is the view of the island from the other side of the river...

A few boats were seen in the area- probably used by locals for personal transport, not a tourist service.

A few abandoned houses are also seen.

Not sure to what extent Netravati river will rise during the peak of monsoon. Assuming not enough to submerge the bridge and island. Else locals would have built the bridge higher.

Do include Pavoor island in your Mangalore exploration plan. Other day trip destinations from Mangalore are available in this post.

Watch drone footage below [Watch on youtube]

July 2022 Update: The bridge is submerged in water due to dam construction. Residents are to depend on boat. There is a fear that entire island will be gone.

Nearby: Adyar falls is worth visiting post monsoon. Bonda Factory is also nearby if you can visit during weekday working hours to get tender coconut water at cheap rates. Batapady Beach, Ullal Delta, Bolar Sea Face are few other interesting spots around.


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