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Drive-in beach near Kannur @ Muzhappilangad

A colleague told me about Kannur’s drive through the beach and I decided to check it out.  This beach is actually 15 kms south of Kannur town, in a place known as “Muzhappilangad beach”

We reached there Saturday evening just before sunset- as expected the beach was too packed with people. Had to pay an entry fee of 40 INR. We drove till the end and returned, thinking we should visit again the next day.

Sunday early morning reached the drive in beach again. This time the crowd was less and I could do some drone shooting. Watch a video below [Watch on Youtube]

Muzhappilangad drive-through beach is about 3.5-4 km in length and has a strong sand bed on which it is safe to drive your regular cars. No need for 4x4, no risk of wheels getting stuck in sand. It is Kerala's only drive in beach.

Enjoy the drone footage below that I shot at Kerala’s popular drive-in beach. It was shot early in the morning at 7 AM. I could have waited a bit longer for better light but then the crowd also would have increased. Enjoyed doing 8 shapes on the beach.

We saw a parasailing activity being held on the beach on Saturday evening. Police patrol is available.

Muzhappilangad beach has 2-3 entry/exit points. It is possible to enter from one side and exit from the other- no need to go back all the way. Approach roads are a bit narrow, so skillful driving needed if two vehicles end up facing each other.

Reaching Kannur’s drive-in beach at Muzhappilangad involves crossing a railway line, so factor a few more minutes if you have to wait. Several homestays are available close to the drive-in beach, but might be sold out during weekends. More stay options are available in Kannur town some 15 kms north.

Beach is too shallow and is ideal for taking a dip. Safe for the family to enjoy.

I didn’t see any shacks/restaurants near the beach. You will find a few within a km or two but not next to the beach.

You’re not supposed to enter water with your vehicle, speed limit applies. I saw one KTM biker getting his wheel dug into water. His friends pushed him forward and he could get away. Be careful about kids and others who might be around.

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