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Jatayu Theertha, Gokarna: Visit before it is taken.

Several viewpoints and hilltops in Gokarna are now NOT accessible to public as they are cut off because the path is taken away by private properties.

  • Path to Om Beach bird view point is cut off because there is CGH Earth Swaswara resort now on the way.
  • Gokarna Cliff near Kudle beach is also cordoned off by private property who are building something there and allowing car parking for 150 Rs a day.
  • Path to Paradise beach is also taken by a private property (though there are paths to circumvent this and reach Paradise beach)

Many other potentially scenic spots are also cut off due to no public access.

However Jatayu Theertha is one of the few remaining spots near Gokarna main beach (Paradise beach is the other one) which has a cliff, amazing views and public access. Not sure how long the public access will remain so better visit sooner before someone occupies the adjoining land and blocks entry. 

Jatayu Theertha is walking distance from Gokarna’s main beach and Mahabaleshwara temple- about 1.5 kms uphill. If you have a bike you can squeeze through narrow gullies and reach there. Even auto drivers can take you there. By car it is a longer 7 km detour..

What to expect at Jatayu theertha?

1 Trek down to the ocean- you can hike down the hill to the sea area. Easy to medium complexity. No beach access but you can get on the rocks that are half submerged in the water.

2 Drive to the top. You can drive your own car till the top of the hill- be mindful of few tough spots and narrow thorn infested sections- if you can take the risk you can drive up. Low ground clearance vehicles are not recommended. 4x4 not needed.

3. Drone footage: Jatayu theertha gets much less crowd compared to Om beach or Gokarna main beach so better spot to play around your drones. Watch my footage below [Watch on Youtube]

4. Play ground. There is a large playground near Jatayu Theertha. If you want to play with your team you can try. But evening time locals might have occupied it already

5. Prema Cafe & other restaurants and stay options: There are several accommodation options very close to Jatayu Theertha: The coconut Resort, Zostel Gokarna, Prema Cafe among others. If you are renting a two wheeler these are great places to stay as you will have easy access through narrow corridors of Gokarna main temple area. In case of a 4 wheeler, be ready to take a 7 km detour with the last 1 km in real bad condition.

How is internet at Jatayu Theertha, Gokarna?

I was able to work and attend video calls using both Jio and Airtel mobile hotspot. Jatayu theertha is close to Gokarna main beach and temple, hence mobile signal is good, compared to some resorts far away from town. Few hotels in the area offer WiFi, but restaurants do not entertain guests sitting and working forever. As long as you have an order in place you can stay but you’re expected to leave once you finish eating. This is simply because they have limited space and can’t afford everyone sitting, working and occupying their space for free. Book a room if you plan to stay and work. I've written a separate post earlier about Workation from Gokarna

Nearby places: Kudle Beach (1 km by walk, longer route by car)

Gokarna Mahabaleshwara temple  (1 km by walk/two wheeler/auto, 7 kms by car)

Gokarna Main Beach  (1.2 km by walk/two wheeler/auto, 7 kms by car)

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  1. Dear Sri Sreenidhi Bro... Your mention of Jatayu Theertha reminded me of a very big 'JATAYU ROCK MEMORIALL' Located at CHADAYAMANGALAM near Thiruvananthapuram (TRIVANDRUM)-KERALA - { in fact the word Chadayamangalam derived from Jataayumangalam.!!!} Have you had a chance to visit it.? Shall remain Glad to receive our reply in

    1. I am aware of the place. It is bit far from Mangalore for a day trip. Will try to plan

    2. It is about 80 kms. from Trivandrum on the Kottarakkara route (MC Road - Kottayam Route.) If you plan a Trivandrum Trip, then only it is worth. Wish, you plan a Trip to Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Vizhinjam harbour, Light house, Sankhummugham Beach just aside TVM Airport, and enroute to Sucheenram, Kanyakumari etc. even a week's time may be INSUFFICIENT.!!! Best of Opportunities to you.., Sri Srinidhi. I think, you have Air Connections from Mangalore to TVM.

    3. Noted with thanks. Overnight train is better option for me than taking day time flight. Will see when I can plan.


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