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Gokarna 2021: major tourist spots Revisited

I had last visited Gokarna in Jan 2014. We had spent a night there. Check Om beach sunset photo here. Revisited after 7.5 years. This time spent less than half a day but could visit 4-5 places briefly.

1. Gangavali Hanging bridge:
Gangavali hanging bridge is built to assist local community. Gangavali hanging bridge doesn't get listed as a tourist attraction of Gokarna but if interested you can go and explore.  Gangavali is bit far from Gokarna city (14 kms) and needs fair bit of walking. Check photos below.
suspension bridge near Gokarna
Gangavali Hanging Bridge is not a must visit, amazing place but it will be nice, non crowded area to visit where you can enjoy the river view and nice fields all around.

2. Gokarna Main beach and temple:
Temple was closed when we visited and main beach was dirty. It was also 3 in the afternoon, nothing specific to do at the beach. One guy was trying to force us into parking in designated car parking area and pay parking fees. We didn't see any point exploring this part of Gokarna so decided to move on.

3. Jatayu Theertha:
Amazing viewpoint on the rock next to ocean. I could drive up the hill a bit. Must visit when in Gokarna. You can trek down towards the ocean or spend lots of time here. A private resort is also located nearby.
Gokarna Jatayu thirtha
4. Kudle beach: 
A popular beach with lots of beachside shacks. Didn't find it very attractive in terms of view or activities. We drove to Kudle beach viewpoint and walked down towards the beach. Returned after a few minutes of viewing the beach from a distance. Visit if keen on beachside food else skip if short of time.

5. Om beach:
Om beach is Gokarna's main attraction. Accessible from multiple points. We drove to a hilltop and walked down a bit to access the beach. There are multiple vantage points where you can sit and relax, watch sunset or take photos. You can easily spend an hour or two here if you aren't pressed for time.
Gokarna OM Beach
Gokarna attracts lots of tourists because of its amazing landscape. Large hills right next to the ocean, curvy roads, great viewpoints and scenic locations. There are more beaches and viewpoints in Gokarna. Calls for another trip or preferably an overnight stay. Need to explore Kirbele fort, Tadri lighthouse, Paradise beach and more.

Update: revisited in Feb 2022 and explored Paradise beach, Tadri lighthouse, Belekan and more. Updates soon

If you are visiting Gokarna and have half a day to spare you can head to Honnavara or Karwar side to explore even more places.

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