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5 travel tricks to help you plan a holiday on a budget

India's capital New Delhi and Karnataka's capital Bangalore (Bengaluru) is served by almost all flight operators in India. If you can plan well, you may get a return ticket for about INR 6000 or less. Normal fare these days could be around 8000 and last minute fare can reach 12000-15000 return. To get a cheaper flight ticket from Delhi to Bangalore try below tricks

1. Plan at least one month in advance. If you can plan your travel at least a month in advance, you will save as much as 50% compared to booking a flight ticket 4-5 days before travel date. Of course this comes with a cancellation fee/risk and at times we lose almost 100% if we can't travel as per plan, as airlines charge hefty cancellation fees. You can opt for a slightly more expensive but more flexible fare category if you see a high probability of cancellation/change of travel dates.

2. Watch out for airline sales. AirAsia has its base in Bengaluru. Indigo, Spicejet, Air India and Vistara fly frequently out of Bengaluru and Delhi. Watch out for airline sales during which you can grab a few seats for much less than normal fares. This is ideal if you have lots of flexibility as to when you can travel and not bound by the compulsion of a fixed travel date.

3. Premium Economy could be cheaper than Economy- there were instances where a more expensive fare category seats were being sold for less compared to economy seats. It always helps to keep an open eye and evaluate other options

4. Use cobranded credit cards/Use card offers: Keep an eye on travel portals for running offers from time to time. You may get some decent cashback on specific credit cards

5. One stop flights might be even cheaper: Airlines often discount one stop flights to win more customers, if both the flights have lots of empty seats. An Indigo flight from Bengaluru to Delhi via Hyderabad may take just an hour more but might save some 500 Rs per ticket if you are lucky. If you are not in a hurry to return Delhi, you can look for cheaper options even if they are not the most convenient.

Bengaluru and Delhi are both beautiful cities. Bengaluru is popular for Lalbagh, Cubbon Park, Nandi hills and numerous other attractions within and near the city. Delhi serves as a gateway to explore the Himalayas, Punjab and UP region. When possible, fly and explore them. Now you are aware of multiple ways to save money when you book your next Delhi-Bangalore flight ticket. While Delhi IGI airport has great metro connectivity and shuttle bus service between terminals, pay attention from which terminal your flight leaves. Else you might lose precious time getting to right terminal.

Bengaluru on the other hand has only one terminal but reaching the city would take time. You can hire a taxi, take BMTC Vayu Vajra bus or try the recently launched train service. KSRTC offers flybus service connecting Bengaluru airport to cities like Mysuru, Manipal etc.

Happy flying...

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