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Udupi-Hasana-Mysuru-Madikeri road conditions Aug 2021

Road between Bengaluru and Mangaluru/Udupi is tricky during monsoon. Due to landslides and other problems, main routes such as Shiradi ghat and Charmadi ghat were closed this year, at least temporarily. Travelers had to find alternate routes. One popular route is via Agumbe and the other one is via Madikeri. Here's a quick update on both these routes based on my recent travel (Aug 2021)

Recently I travelled between Udupi and Mysuru and back. This post briefs you about latest road conditions I found during my trip.

Udupi to Mysuru:via Agumbe and Hasana
I decided to try Agumbe- Sringeri- Moodigere-Beluru-Hasana- Mysuru road. Road conditions were largely good, with few bad batches. Google maps routes you through shortest ways- you've to decide if you want to take a shortcut or stick to main road even if it means driving a few kms extra. Faced some bad patches but nothing too bad that venue couldn't clear. Passed through a town called Norway. There is another town called Singapore if you want to go!
Check here for 16+ attractions near Agumbe if you have time and interest. Very limited highway hotels on this route as it passes through small villages. Try having your food in Agumbe or in Hasana. Mobile network is also scarce at many places. I diverted a bit to visit Beluru, Halebeedu etc.

There were no tolls on this road except a 20 Rs toll by a local body between Hasana and Gorur. If you're turning left at Hasana towards Bengaluru then yes, there are multiple toll booths.

Spent one and a half day in Mysuru and it was time to return.

Again excellent roads. No landslides or issues along the way. I was anticipating some trouble as Coorg is prone to heavy rains but highway was in great condition. Mysuru to Madikeri and Madikeri till Bantwal was also largely nice. Had lunch at Udupi Grand, Madikeri. Diverted at Bantwal towards Moodbidire and Karkala to reach Udupi, you can proceed to Mangaluru. No tolls on this road till you get into NH66.
What about Shiradi and Charmadi Ghat?
Both are open but during day time only. However do check news for latest updates and have a plan B in place. Monsoon related issues will last another month or two. We also need to check covid related restrictions which may now vary from district to district. Night curfew, weekend lockdown etc may kick-in in some districts of Karnataka.

Was expecting some covid related check at DK border but there were none. Left from Mysuru at 9 AM and reached home near Udupi by 5 PM. Was a comfortable ride.

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