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Donne waterfalls between Karwar and Ankola

Donne is a nice little waterfalls away from the cities of Ankola and Karwar. Golari falls is about 10 kms from Ankola and 45 kms from Karwar.

 Donne waterfalls is best visited during or immediately after monsoon, before September/October. Expect near zero water after that.
Do NOT follow Google map to reach Donne falls. You will enter private property and get lost. Follow following instructions:

1. Diversion from highway (NH66) can be done as shown in google maps. No issues
2. Once into the interior road, watch out for a right turn with a sign board which says "Sree Achkanemma Devi temple". Turn right here.
3. You will pass through a bridge with amazing view (refer pic below)
4. Proceed for 3-4 kms, keep an eye on the map for location of Donne falls. As you get 2-3 kms closer, watch out for a small turn to the left- you may find several vehicles parked here. You will have to park here and walk about 2km uphill to reach Donne falls. Thus a trip to Donne falls might be difficult for kids and elderly people.
5. Follow the trail to the falls- It is easy to get lost but if you go in weekend there will be other people- you can simply follow them or ask for directions. Google map Donne falls location is accurate but the road is NOT.

If lost or in doubt, take help from locals. There are no signboards, no entry fee or no restrictions. You are on your own, so pay attention to your own safety. You may find cows grazing on the way, do not disturb them as they may attack if threatened.


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