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Huluvagilu waterfall/checkdam near Hasana off road to Shettihalli church

Huluvagilu is a checkdam near Hasana. On google maps it was listed as Huluvagilu waterfalls and I decided to make a small diversion to check it out. This post has all the details you may need about Huluvagilu falls.

Huluvagilu waterfalls is located about 8-9 kms from Hasana city. If you are going towards Shettihalli church, Huluvagilu makes a quick diversion.

Huluvagilu is a mini dam which looks nice when water is overflowing. The river isn't too deep but not sure how loose the soil is and if it is safe to get under the water. If you are adventurous and have someone to watch over you and rescue if needed then you can try. It might be more safer post monsoon when water level drops a bit. You can wet your legs in water at the max. Watch out for slippery surfaces- you may slide all the way down the waterfalls if you lose control while walking on slippery embarkment of Huluvagilu.

I saw abandoned coracles near the bank. May be locals were offering coracle rides in the water but now abandoned due to covid related restrictions- not sure. An ice cream truck was also waiting for customers. At least 2-3 cars arrived when I was there, so the area is popular enough to attract crowd.

Huluvagilu waterfalls Map location here.

Watch a short video below [Watch on Youtube]

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