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How I visited Goa on foot for free!

I went to Goa again. (last visit was 2019 for GITM). This time by foot. By walking. I think I qualify to claim that I am the first blogger to go to Goa on foot. I didn't spend any money to go to Goa, so probably this is the cheapest trip to Goa ever done...

Ok, enough of surprise and clickbait. If you are very busy person not in mood for any fun reading please skip this post now. Below is what happened.

I visited Karwar last weekend by road. Karwar shares border with Goa state. There was a Tilmati beach in Goa just a few hundred meters from Karnataka-Goa border. So I decided to check if there is any way to walk across the border and enter Goa. To do this, I drove till norther end of the Majali, to a point where Karnataka border ends and Goa begins. At this point road ends so I had to park the car. But then I could walk a few hundred meters and enter Goa. Thankfully there is no fensed border like India Pakistan and we don't need visa to enter neighboring state (you will need negative covid report these days though).

I couldn't reach Tilmati beach, which was my target, because of giant hills and no easy path. But the location was beautiful- there was a bridge, a hill and some great views. I enjoyed southern most part of Goa for a few minutes and then walked back to Karnataka. I took Google map screenshot as evidence that I was in Goa...

Somehow Google map layout doesn't match with the landscape I saw. There was a small hill with river entering ocean where we entered Goa.

Thus technically, officially I qualify to claim I walked to Goa for free. Doesn't matter it was less than a km or that I drove 200 kms from home till Goa border. I've not lied anywhere you see. I am thus the first blogger to walk into Goa, first blogger to visit Goa for free and first blogger to start and end Goa trip within 15 minutes. Thanks in advance for all the praises you are giving me.

For more such brilliant cost cutting techniques keep following . To enter Goa officially by road you would need covid negative report or a test done at border for 275 Rs. I had a plan to enter goa and buy full tank fuel, as petrol is 6 Rs cheaper in Goa than Karwar, but to save 275 Rs I had to spend on covid report, I had to buy at least 50 liter petrol. The cost economics were not working out, so I abandoned the idea of touring Goa. May be next time.

Sorry if I have wasted your time, but then I am sure you'd love to try this approach when in Karwar next time (secret tip- you can try the same from Maharastra-Goa border also ). I have already walked to Myanmar from India and Bhutan from India.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ... Great Goa Trip. Sreenidhiavare..Thumba Thamaasheyaagithe. "Naanoonu Maduve Maadithe" endu Helibittu. Yaarudo Maduvege hogi, Photo thagisi.,nodibittu.,oottaanu maadi, bandahhgideyallaa....Paravaagilla next time detail aagi heluthene endu helidakke santhosha. nimma halavaaru karnatakada trip details bahala channaagidda haage idoo irathe enu nodidare., Neevu Thamaashe maadaloo utsaahithau endu gothaagithu.....Nimmavane, NAIR, PALAKKADU.


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