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Reis Magos fort Goa: Don't miss

Reis Magos fort was the first place we visited after arriving in Goa and collecting Thar

Reis Magos is a nice fort in Goa but is less visited compared to Aguda fort. Below are some photos of the fort I had clicked during our August 2014 Goa trip.

Top deck has a few cannons, nice view of the ocean and an art gallery. Refreshments are available for purchase here. Basement also has an art gallery- basically bunkers or storage facilities converted into exhibition places.

Reis Magos is older than Aguda fort and was also used as prison…Cells with ocean view!

Lots of artwork, maps and other exhibits can be seen at the basement level.
Reis Magos church is located next to the fort- it was small, needed maintenance and was closed 

Wikipedia has more details. So don’t skip this fort on your Goa tour.


  1. What a coincidence: this week my blog too shares this fort :)

  2. Lovely post on Reis Magos fort. Loved the moss laden fort walls.

  3. Indrani: thanks, your post is very good

    @Rajesh: Hmm, finally I can claim I've been to one place you've not been to :)

    @Niranjan: Yes, in August, this place is a lot green and eye catching

    Priyashi: Thanks

  4. The green growth on the steps, pathways, etc. add splendor to the fort. Lovely pics.

    Destination Infinity


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