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Sponsored video: Toyota Dominoes: Into the Future of Hybrid

Toyota is a well know auto brand in India. Toyota vehicles are known for their quality and reliability. Despite competition sweating it out, Toyota models like Innova and Fortuner are selling more units than entire competition put together.

Worldwide, Toyota is the largest car maker, selling over 10 million cars globally. Founded by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937, this 77 year old Japanese firm has succeeded in giving its European and American rivals a run for their money.

Unknown or lesser known to most of us, Toyota is also a pioneer in hybrid vehicles. While we fret at every increase in petrol price hike and cheer at onc- in-a-blue-moon drop of fuel prices, folks at Toyota have been working to reduce dependency on fossil fuel as much as possible.  Toyota Prius, a petrol+electric hybrid has won many appreciations worldwide. Camry Hybrid is also on sale in India.
Toyota was first to mass produce hybrid cars and make them practical and accessible to everyone.

Below is an interesting video on Toyota’s  hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars. (Plug in hybrid is an hybrid with an external charging capability). While dominoes falling off one after another is another, notice that in the video dominoes cleverly pick themselves up and continue the action. 

More such videos on Toyota’s youtube channel
Apart from the traditional hybrid cars we’ve seen, Toyota is also launching a FCV or fuel cell vehicle (Fuel cell is a technology in which electricity is generated through chemical reaction onboard. Hydrogen and Oxygen react to generate power). Absolutely zero emissions. Isn’t that supercool? No fuel expense at all! While that is super cool on our pockets, it is also helping mother earth a lot. No emission means everyone can breath easy, literally. Further, less forex loss on account of crude oil imports. Governments are happy!

Do check out Toyota’s global website for more updates.

Disclaimer:  This post has been sponsored by Toyota, but all thoughts and are my own”.


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