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New Makemytrip American Express Credit card

For the travel buffs in you, the new AmEx MakeMyTrip cobranded credit card should be something worth considering.

American Express is the preferred brand for many corporate, as most corporates use AmEx corporate credit cards for their employees. AmEx's credit card services, coupled with a series of benefits should make this credit card a must have in every traveler's wallet.

Joining benefits of AmEx MMT credit card
1. MakeMyTrip vouchers worth Rs 9000 (It is 9 vouchers of Rs 1000 each, to be redeemed in 9 different bookings)
2. Guaranteed 5% cashback on MakeMytrip bookings (For domestic flights, cash back only on return flights and Max Rs 500, for international flights, cash back is on the base fare, max Rs 3000, read fine print for details)
3. Additional voucher worth Rs 2000 if spending exceeds 1.25 lakhs
4. Loyalty points are handled via Payback. You'll get 2 payback points for every Rs 100 spent (not applicable for utility bill payments and some other cases, check fine print) and also additional payback points with select partners.

Please note following eligibility criteria before applying for AmEx MMT credit card:
  1. You should be earning more than 6 lakhs per year, roughly 50k per month
  2. You reside in metros such as Delhi NCR, Blr, Chennai, Jaipur, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Amhedabad, Surat, Vadodra, Pune or Hyderabad. In other cities/smaller towns AmEx isn't operational yet as of now and you won't be able to apply
  3. Self employed individuals should show that they are in business for more than an year
  4. The Amex MMT card is not lifetime free card. There is an annual fee of Rs 750+ tax for first year and Rs 1500 + tax from second year onwards. (This amount is recovered if you're spending about 30000 on makemytrip, at 5% discount)
An illustration: Let us take an example and examine how much savings the MMT-Amex card can facilitate. Let us say a family trip to Kashmir from Chennai next summer (March 2015)
Below are the actual costs
Flight tickets: Chennai-Srinagar: Rs 13000 round trip per person, Rs 52000 for 4 people
Cost of 5 Day/4 night Kashmir package (Excluding flights): Rs 15000 per person, Rs 60000 for 4 people

1. Rs 1000 on flight tickets, (Max Cash back Rs 500 and max 2 transactions allowed per month per category, so if you make 2 separate bookings for Rs 26000 each, you will get back Rs 1000
2. Rs 1000 on holiday package (Similar to above)
Total saving is Rs 2000 (roughly 1.8%)
3 Payback points worth about 2500, using which you can redeem gifts worth about 500 Rs (Approx)
Above two transactions add upto 1.1 lakhs. Assuming you'll spend some more during the year and cross 1.25 lakhs, you can expect additional Rs 2000 voucher.

Makemytrip-Amex cobranded card is a fair deal because most of us do spend over 30k an year on travel anyway. A family trip for 4 people with flight and hotel alone can easily cost upward of Rs 50-60k. MMT has been a pioneer in India's travel services industry and have large inventory of flights, hotels and holiday packages. [MMT was featured in Anuradha Goyal's Mouse Charmers for revolutionizing online travel scene] Globally AmEx card gets more respect than competition, so expect better deals and offers on your AmEx card during international travel.
Contextual image: A spicejet bombardier in Mysore

Happy traveling. 

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