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Writer's Building, GPO BBD Bagh Kolkata

Writer's building is West Bengal's secretariat, similar to Bengluru's Vidhana Soudha. Currently it is under renovation, with half the offices shifted to a new building in Howrah.

The clerks who worked for British East India company used to work from this building, hence the name.

Few photos clicked during a short walk around the BBD Bagh area:

 RBI building nearby
There's a small lake (Lal Dhigi) and a park in front of the writer's building. But it was closed. Not sure if it is exclusive property of elected representatives
 GPO or General Post Office building is the next building worth taking a look

Damaged pillars need maintenance.

 St Andrew's church and postal life insurance building

Denmark Embassy is also nearby.

Below photos I believe are of LIC building

A red and white building, which seem to have a clock missing!
 Nearby: Marble Palace * 


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  2. Nice images. Yes, some of the buildings look like the buildings near Vidhana Soudha.


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