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'The Dreamer'- Teenage love story by Vivek Jain

The dreamer by Vivek Jain is a story of teenage infatuation, of one side love story, desperation and things young boys do for girls in the name of love.

The long book is written in first person, with author’s name being same as that of lead character.  There is no parallel track, there’s no alternate view, no extra ordinary/unrealistic events. Everything is fairly basic, realistic and things that can easily happen in everyone’s life. Plot involves a guy seeing and falling in love with a girl, how he tries to reach out to her and manages to establish contract using some of his friends and so on. The plot feels little slow paced till the end and twist in the tale kicks in only in last few pages. So if you can sustain the reading till the end, you will not regret because the twist is something you wouldn’t have guessed, while you thought the story is very predictable. 

Those who had teenage crushes that didn’t materialize will fully connect themselves with the story. Parents having teenage children should probably gift this book to their kids, to help them understand what all will go wrong in school time love attempts and how one shouldn’t spoil their studies and careers for a thing they believe as ‘love’.

Whoever proofread the book has done very bad job. There’re lots of errors- no space where there should be, space where there shouldn’t be, some repeated words etc. These need to be corrected before next reprint.
Book Summary:
  • Title: The Dreamer- An Unpredictable lover that couldn't say anything
  • Author; Vivek Jain
  • ISBN: 978-93-83562-81-7
  • MRP: Rs 125 (115 on flipkart - sold out when checked during July 2020)
  • Publisher: Frog Books
  • No of Pages: 217
As the book “The dreamer” is priced in very affordable way, consider grabbing a copy during your next shopping spree. 


  1. I think you must give affiliate link for the book as well. if anyone wanted to buy it from your link. You may get some money from that.

  2. Hi,
    Great review. I have read this book as well. Find my review here.

  3. Thanks Rahul, Duke and Giridharan for your comments

  4. Please sent me the link to download this book coz not enough wealthy to buy it... so please share the link on prateekprem@outlook.com


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