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Shahid minar tower memorial Kolkata

Shahid Minar is a vertical tower in the heart of Kolkata city, dedicated to freedom fighters.

Shahid minar is located in Esplanade area, right behind the private bus terminal. There is a basic park around Shahid Minar and this park is not at all maintained.

More details about the monument and its history can be found here on Wikipedia, I don’t plan to narrate the same again. While Wikipedia says one can obtain permission and go to top of the shahid minar, when I explored the area there were no proper infrastructure or staff to maintain this monument. Going on top didn’t seem possible. We didn’t have time either, hence didn’t pursue on that.

Lots of greenery around the monument is a good thing, but because of busy bus station nearby and dirt/filth all around the campus, the park is not ideal to relax for a while. Green area around race course/Victoria memorial is much more nicer to sit and relax.

I feel tourists can completely skip Shahid Minar, unless they have lots of spare time and very eager to take a closer look at the tower.

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