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Mercedes Benz E Class from Myles: selfdrive experience!

This one is another long overdue post. Sometime in June this year, I drove Mercedes Benz E Class in Bengaluru. Rented it from Carzonrent (Read: How to drive a Merc without robbing a bank). Because the rental was expensive (About 11k per day or Rs 1400 per hour), I rented it only for 2 hours.
Went to Carzonrent Myles office in Ulsoor ahead of time suspecting lot of time for paperwork. Paperwork didn't take much time but there was some confusion on which car to assign to me. They had two E Class cars. While one was being prepared to be assigned, its driver came and told he hasn't been told about this self drive assignment and he has some pickup. After some internal discussion they readied the other E Class and assigned it to me. 

I was told I am the first customer to rent E Class... Unlike daily rentals (where one can use for unlimited kms but need to return the car full tank), hourly rentals come with 25kms per hour limit. Beyond which Rs 25 will be charged per km.

In the two hours I had, I decided to take the Old Madras Road, zoom around a bit and return to base.

Having driven the C Class a few weeks earlier in Chennai [Rental Experience * Review], I was trying to ascertain how E Class is different and what do we get for the extra money. (There is a price difference of about 15 lakhs + between C and E Class).
Below are the key differences I could find:
1 E Class is 280mm longer, 80mm wider, 30mm taller than C Class. While bigger boot was visible to the eye, cabin space didn't feel different. At least, I couldn't notice any substantial difference in space compared to C Class

2. While both cars have same engine, E Class makes little more power, about 20 horses more.

3. E Class gets paddle shift, while C Class had traditional auto gearbox

4. Some visible design differences like dual set headlamps.

5 E Class gets 2 more airbags

Note that above are standard differences. There're many variants of E and C Class, so exact features and differences will vary depending on variant. A top end C Class variant is almost close to entry level E Class variant.

However, just like the C Class, E Class I was given was also very old. Had 71000+ kms on the Odo. But then, when I drove there wasn't any sign of aging. Car responded pretty well. 70k kms doesn't make a car old enough. Drove very cautiously in traffic-even on Sunday afternoon, there was some jam on KR Puram, Tin factory area. After crossing the hanging bridge, relaxed a bit and drove liberally.

Again No sunroof in this car, the cheapest variant of E Class. No massaging seats, no audio commands

Some photos for your reference:
Interior: Lots of lights- opening the flap for vanity mirror illuminates light
Fairly spacious first row seats
And the second row seats where executives sit, working on their smartphones, taking million dollar decisions...
Instrument cluster
E Class steering wheel
Exterior: Tail lamp
Benz Tristar logo
Notice the dead pedal. Hand brake release mechanism is little complicated in E Class.
Notice the battery in the boot...
If the rental amount was little cheaper, I would have rented it for longer duration. Anyway enjoyed the short drive and returned the car in time, with just under 50kms on the trip meter.
A short video on E Class drive- doesn't show much except the driving part.
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  1. Thanks for sharing the experience.

    Please note that some cars have their battery in the boot to have better weight distribution.

    So, unless you're driving a hybrid/electric car, it would not have regenerative braking. Also, such batteries would be HUGE.

    As for having the foot operated parking brake, I like it! Gives something for the left foot to do when driving an automatic. Not to mention it gives more cubby holes on the center console.

  2. ..Great experience..thanks for sharing...

  3. Anon: Thanks for the input. Will check.

    The foot operated parking brake is in combination with a lever.. It may have some advantages, but didn't find it as convenient as others.

    Maniparna: Thanks

  4. Anon: Thanks for the input. Will check.

    The foot operated parking brake is in combination with a lever.. It may have some advantages, but didn't find it as convenient as others.

    Maniparna: Thanks


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