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Bambolim Beach Resort- One of the oldest and closest to beach resort in Goa

Bambolim Beach resort is one of Goa's oldest beach resorts. It was setup some 30 years ago, back in 1989 when there were no rules as to how far a building should be from the beach (coastal regulation  zones on CRZ as we know today)- this Bambolim Beach resort is almost on the beach, just a few feet away and probably one of the resorts closest to the beach.

We visited Bambolim Beach Resort for lunch. Here's a quick overview of the resort as I saw it, if you're considering it or looking for a suitable resort for your stay in Goa.

Rooms in Bambolim Beach Resort, Goa:
Bambolim Beach Resort offers 3 types of rooms- beach facing villas- closest to the beach and most expensive room category. Rent per day for the sea facing villas range from 16000 INR to 27000 (some family rooms cost more, there're refundable and non refundable rates etc. There're superior rooms with sea view and rooms with garden/hill view- cheapest rooms cost INR 5000+ per night off season. (Room rents are indicative only, varies w.r.t season, which website you book, fine print etc)

We were shown a Titanic spot- balcony projecting into sea like the front of Titanic ship.

Campus is green with lots of coconut trees, a big banyan tree, several other banyan trees and more.

Conference Room with sea view: Resort offers a conference room which can seat upto 250 pax (I feel it will be bit tight- 150-180 in comfortable seating) with sea view.

Dining by the sea:
Above: Garden view rooms
Below: a big banyan tree
Strong reasons to consider staying at Bambolim Beach Resort
1) Very close to beach- not even 100 meters
2) Nice coconut garden, big banyan trees
3) Dona Paula area is kind of equidistant from Panaji and Madagaon (North and South Goa) so kind of central location

Things to be aware of...
1) Old building. Most blocks being very old (20-30 years), the electric sockets, doors etc are pretty old fashioned and lac the sophistication of modern resorts. I feel it shouldn't be a bother as old properties have their own charm not available in modern ones.
2) Green and Red dots were missing in the menu card (to indicate if an item is veg or non-veg)

3) They had much fewer veg item- but this is not an issue- they can make more veg items on request- I guess most of their guests were non vegetarians hence they didn't focus on making much veg items.
4) Looks like they didn't have adequate parking for big coaches.(buses)- so bus had to park a bit away- no big deal but just FYI.

Photo by Sandy and Vijay.

Key Information:
Number of Rooms – 126 Rooms (57 Beach front rooms)
NUMBER OF EVENT SPACES – 8,  1500 Guest capacity
Bambolim Outdoor Lawns - Max 1000 Guests
Roots-Garden Lawns - Max 500 Guests
Galacsea- Sea View Terrace - Max 120 Guests
Titanic Bow- Sea Touch-  Max 80 Guests

Oasis AC Hall - Max 200 Guests
See-Shore Beach View - Max 20 Guests
Conch AC Meeting Room- Max 30 Guests
La Bamba Beach Touch Restaurant- Max 120 Guests

Location: Bambolim beach is about one hour from Goa airport, near Dona Poula area. Watch a small dance I recorded at the resort...
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