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Early morning drive to Chorla Ghat, Goa

Aug 2023: Visited Chorla Ghat again after 8 years. The drive was amazing- could enter Karnataka as I drove in own car- but roads were bad once we entered Karnataka and all waterfalls were closed, so entering Karnataka didn't serve any purpose. Drove back and visited Brahma Karmali and Shivling waterfalls. Amboli ghat that we visited previous day had more attractions accessible to visitors.

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Chorla ghat is a scenic road that connects Goa to Belagavi (Belgaum). While majority of the traffic goes through Ponda, Mollem, Londa, Chorla ghat is the more scenic one, though a bit narrow.

On one of the morning, we simply drove till Karnataka border from Goa and came back (because our rented self drive car didn't have permit to cross over- Karnataka police didn't have any problem, it is Goa check post who had some problem. (more about Carzonrent Goa experience here)

None the less, the drive was fun. As it was early morning, we got good fog during initial hours, Only later it became a little clear.

Some photos for you...

 Amona Bridge

There're lots of small streams that form by the road during monsoon. Road will be pretty clear in the morning and driving is super fun too.

So if you're in Goa and have a car at disposal, ditch the beaches, head to Chorla for a memorable drive.


  1. great pictures are shared here,really beautiful place to plan honeymoon

  2. This road and surroundings must be heaven during rainy season. What say?

  3. yes Tushar.. it is very magical in monsoon

  4. Atmosphere is awesome; I think it’s really feels like heaven. Am I right?

  5. Yes, certainly felt like heaven when we drove around

  6. Wow, the rains would have made the journey easy.


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