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Stylish Tata Nano with Sunroof (Rs 17k)

Update: I learnt from 3 independent sources that it is indeed possible to have this flip sunroof fixed on to your Nano. Costs between 17000-20000.

Original Post...
After our factory tour, we spotted this nice looking stylish Tata Nano kept on display. Most interesting feature of it is the Sunroof. Below are some photos of Tata Nano with Sunroof.
Genx Tata Nano AMT with a sunroof- Various angles using GoPro!

If you notice carefully, it is not really a sunroof that slides back to create open space. This one can only be tilted little up and down. You can't stand through it. Still, if this can be achieved, having an electric sunroof that electronically slides back is not impossible.
 Unfortunately it is only a show piece, not available commercially. The stylish alloy wheel, body claddings etc can be purchased as add on but not the runroof. Initially someone led me to believe all of these can be had by contacting a dealer, but later the right Tata officials confirmed that Sunroof can’t be added at dealer level as it needs cutting the roof and lots of work. But rest of the accessories can be bought.

Nonetheless, there’re many ideas being tested out at Sanand. Sunroof could be one of them. May be few years down the line this might be offered in production Nanos, till then, enjoy the pics.

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  1. I have bought a Sangria Red Genx Nano with Sunroof and Black Magwheels from Concorde Motors (Diary Circle) at Bangalore which was delivered on 17th June 2015

  2. @Ajit: That is great. I was told it is not for sale... one you bought is same as the sunroof shown here or does it slide back?

    Do share some pictures

  3. I just bought a Nano XT Damsen Purple color with a sunroof! It's pure vanity, not as useful as my Honda City's sunroof. But WTH! :)

  4. Can the tata nano suntoof be taken off ?

  5. @Aniket
    Why do you want to take it off? You can buy one without it..

    I think yes,if some force is applied it will come off.

    @palash: Thanks for sharing the details

  6. Has This Nano With Sunroof Launched.If It is launched what is it's price

  7. @Anon- it is sold as optional accessory at select dealerships... it is not factory fitted one. Check with main dealers in your city

    1. can i get this done for my nano xta?? can you help me with the dealer details?? msg me on 9145055703

  8. saya Mr. luqman Hakim dari Indonesia yang mana pesan mobil Tata GenXnano 2016, kami kesulitan untuk membelinya. bagaimana caranya kami mendapat informasi tersebut dana bagaimana saya dapat keterangan yang lebih jelas. terima kasih.

  9. @Anon- can't understand your comment. Google is not helping much either...


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