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Skywatch Friday- Singapore SG50 special!

For this week's Skywatch Friday, some hand picked images of the sky, clicked during my June 2015 Singapore visit. These are natural photos, no post processing is done. Also GoPro's colour sensitivity is not that good compared to Nikon

1. View of sky above the Oasia Hotel, Novena
2. Singapore Airforce practicing for #SG50 show, above Mustafa centre

3. View of Little India, clicked from the window of India Heritage Centre

4. View of Sky on top of Marina Bay Sands Observation deck (Sky park)

5. View of Sky behind the super trees of Gardens by the Bay- Bay South

6. View of sky from the entrance of Suntec City

7. Sky around Malay heritage centre

8. Sky around the Merlion

9. Sky behind the Earth and Cylon rides, Universal Studios, Singapore

10. A Buddha temple near Novena

11. Sky around Singapore flyer. More photos here, experience account here

12. Sky around Singapore river, amidst the high rises
13. Sky over Gardens by the Bay-click here for more views from MBS Observation deck

14. Sky over Asian Civilization Museum

15. Marina Bay Sands laser show- more photos and details here
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  1. Great shots of your visit to Singapore. What a photographic place.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  2. Love especially the photos of the supertrees!

  3. Nice captures but for the ultra wides in some pics..

  4. Thanks Deepak.. Any specific concerns on the wide photos?

    Thanks Hilde, PC and Jim

  5. Truly Amazing views and superb clicks

  6. Beautiful photos taken. I like to see Singapore from your the perspectives.

    Have a good weekend!

    Alex's World! -

  7. They for sure know how to build and I like the way who you have photographed that. Perhaps you can show some more sometimes.

  8. S.C : Yes, I have many more Singapore posts lined up. Stay tuned

    @ Amit: Thanks

    @Alexander: THanks

    @MD: Thanks

    @Yogi: Thanks

  9. Beautiful pictures !!
    Wishing you a happy weekend.

  10. Kya baat hai.. fantastic pictures. Aap to cha gaye ho (you are famous photographer). Congrats.

  11. @CLH: Thanks. Happy weekend to you too.

    @Tushar: Thanks

  12. Great photographs of Singapore. I haven't ever been there.
    JM, IL-U.S.A.

  13. Superb clicks. Loved the way you captured Singapore.

  14. Beautiful skies! I really like the photo of the "trees".


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