Friday, June 26, 2015

Kuang Chee Tng Buddhist Association (Temple) on 125 Moulmein Rd

On day 1 in Singapore, our official trip would start only at 12 noon. I had few hours to spare, so I went out to meet the folks at Ace Drive, a Luxury car rental agency in Singapore. More about that later. While returning from there to hotel Oasia, I spotted this temple.
I removed my shoes, went inside, spent a few minutes, took some photos and went back to hotel. I do not have too much history or text to write about it- it was a small little temple with some photogenic artifacts/structures. So I leave you with its name and some photographs.

Later I learnt that this place is called Kuang Chee Tng Buddhist Association (Temple) and is located on 125 Moulmein Rd