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Nalan Indian Veg Restaurant near City Hall, Singapore

Nalan was my favourite place for lunch/dinner when I was in Singapore for few weeks in 2012. They serve very affordable vegetarian food- very tasty one at that. During last week’s Singapore trip, on one of the evenings I suggested that we go there for dinner, which other bloggers agreed.

Nalan is located in the basement of Peninsula Excelsior hotel towers, walkable from city Hall MRT. 
Preferable practice in Nalan is to go to the counter and order, which will be served to your table. But for large groups or on demand, they can come to the table and take orders.

They do not have a toilet facility inside.  One should go out into mall for that.

Water is free at Nalan self service.

Nalan opens early in the morning. So if you don't like your hotel breakfast or want to grab some indian breakfast, you can stop by at Nalan for a quick bite.

Btb did you notice Nalan is a palindrome?

Nalan on map

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  1. HI
    Nalan has relocated to Capitol Singapore, directe opposite from Cityhall MRT station. They also opened a new outlet in Little India.


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