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Oyo Premium Hotel Bangalore International Review

Hotel Bengaluru International is one of the many hotels located in the heart of Bengaluru. Located on Crescent road, between Race course and Shivananda circle, Hotel Bangalore International is an Oyo Premium property.

In this post I am focusing about pros and cons of Hotel Bengaluru International as a facility, based on my 1 day stay here during Oyo Explorer activity last weekend. I have covered Oyo Experience in a separate post here.
On the outside, Bangalore international doesn't have an inspiring or inviting structure. It looks standard. But once inside, the ambiance is very spacious by Majestic area standards. Large open area with lobby + Restaurant instantly convinces guests that this hotel is good.

Hotel Bangalore international has about 5 floors filled with different type of rooms. Some rooms that face the west side have Balcony, few rooms are much more spacious than others while rest of the rooms are standard sized.  Vidya Sury had some problems in her room, Partha got a much spacious room while others had pretty decent experience in their rooms.
My room was standard size. (Photo below). Had adequate lighting and space. For some reason, Hotel Bangalore International room's electrical systems will work without key card- which is good for the guests- they can keep the AC running or some devices can be put for charging while they are away, but this will increase cost of operations for the management. On the other side, there seem to be power socket shortage- either TV or Refrigerator could be powered at a time, not both (strange).

Wifi was fine. But it uses an authentication mechanism that needs users to open a browser and key in login details. This needs to be done for each login (if you go out and come back, Wifi gets disconnected)- this is little annoying to do on a mobile device. After first time authentication, it should connect automatically for next 24 hours at least.
Breakfast at Hotel Bangalore International was average by 3 star standards. Pretty decent by Budget hotel standards.

No Kannada newspapers in hotel campus and no business centre where users can access a system to send some urgent mails. No pool. Parking in front of Hotel Bengaluru International is limited and can accommodate 3-4 cars. Others need to park on the road.

I checked Room Service menu, but wasn't much impressed as it didn't have items of my liking, so I went out for food during my stay.

Bathroom is fine. My room didn't have a tub while few bigger rooms had one. So if you have specific expectations on space, Balcony, bathtub etc check with hotel before booking. There may not be one room offering all of these.

Elevator is bit old and takes some time for doors to close/open. A well dressed doorman will greet you at the entrance but only during evening time.
It takes Rs 5 bus ticket from Majestic to reach Shivananda circle, close to which Hotel Bangalore international is located. About 3-4 kms in distance- not walkable if you have bags. Freedom park, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore Palace etc are some of the places worth visiting (and within about 5kms distance from hotel)

On Hotel Bengaluru International's official website, listed tariff starts at Rs 5500 a day plus taxes for a deluxe room and goes all the way up to 15000 for the suite. But I am sure this is not the going rate. (if you have 15000 to spare per night, you can get Lalit Ashok, Leela Palace and other 5 star facilities) You should be getting a room at Blr International around Rs 3000 a night or less. Try booking through Oyo and you might get it for Rs 1900 onwards. If you can land the right price, this hotel Bangalore international could be a right choice in and around Majestic area. 


  1. That's an honest review! By Majestic area standards, it is a pretty good looking hotel. The building is obviously old and needs maintenance :) Otherwise, rooms were clean and good. I was just unlucky with the bathroom and service. :)

    Thanks for the mention!


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