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Marina Bay Sands evening laser show (Wonder Full)

First post from latest Singapore trip. Sorry for one week silence.

From the top deck of Marina Bay Sands, laser beams are released once a while in the evening.

In 2012 I had seen it but didn't have a camera handy to click pictures. This time, I got lucky. On Friday night, post dinner at Nalan, other bloggers preferred to go back to hotel, while I decided to take a walk, as it was still 8.30 and I had some energy left.

Walked towards the Merlion, clicked some decent pictures of the Merlion, Singapore flyer and Marina Bay Sands and after sometime decided to walk back to City Hall MRT to catch NS line to Novena (where Oasia Hotel Singapore is located).

As I crossed the road in front of Fullerton Hotel, I saw the laser beams emerging out of Marina Bay Sands. Took some pictures from there, but there were many obstacles and streetlight was causing photogenic problems, so had to walk back to the other side of the bridge at next green signal for pedestrians. Walked to nice vantage point and managed to click below pictures. The show lasts for about 15 minutes, but lasers do not come out all the time- it seems half the time is laser beams from top deck of Marina Bay Sands while rest of it is shown in music and other shows near the shopping complex of Marina Bay sands.

The show is called Wonder Full, shown twice a day at 8 PM and 9.30 PM on weekdays, additionally at 11PM on weekends (learnt about timings only later). Challenge with this show is that you need to see it twice to get full experience- once from far away like across the river near Fullerton hotel or Clarke Quay etc (to get the full view of laser beams in action, as shown in above pictures) and once more closer to Marina Bay sands, where some more actions happen. You can watch below official video on Marina Bay Sands website to watch full show.

Without a tripod it was tricky to capture fast moving lasers at night. I am happy I could watch the laser beams in action this time and capture a few decent pics as well. Laser show can also be enjoyed well if you're on any sky-rise that faces MBS.

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  1. Beautiful Shots.Thanks for the information.Had been to Singapore in 2012 but didn't know about this.

  2. I am enjoying your Singapore Trip Shri :)

  3. @Roohi

    I am glad you're enjoying. Many more posts coming up

  4. @Sri Kri

    You know now! check it out on next visit.

    @Ravish Mani: Thanks


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