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Elephant Parade- A brand that works towards Asian elephant conservation!

While we were being given a guided tour of Tang Mall inside Suntec city, Singapore, we were introduced to a unique brand called Elephant Parade. Elephant parade sells elephant idols and souvenirs of various size, shape and colours.

Unlike other brands that bear animal names but run on pure commercial motive, Elephant Parade is one brand that is dedicated to well being and conservation of elephants.

History of elephant parade goes back by 8 years- to Thailand. In 2007, a 9 year old female baby elephant Mosha lost one of her legs in a deadly landmine blast. She was taken to an elephant hospital in Thailand. There Marc and Mike Spits saw Mosha and wanted to help her recover. They designed an artificial leg for Mosha (keep in mind the weight of an elephant- designing an artificial leg is not easy). Besides helping Mosha, father and son duo wanted to pick up the larger cause of elephant conservation, so they started this brand Elephant Parade, which works towards fund raising, awareness building and other essentials related to elephant well being.
A replica of Mosha's artificial leg, on display at Tang mall and the photo of real one being fitted on to Mosha- I downloaded right hand side photo from facebook as it accidentally came on my timeline. Exact photographer name not known. Rest of the photo are mine.
These elephants are made in Chiang Mai, Thailand and hand painted by artists. As these are hand made, each piece is unique. Even then, only limited editions of each design is produced. If you buy one, you also get a certificate of originality, with artist's name and other technical details of the work. Prices start from SGD 65 onwards, depending on size, design etc. Part of the sales goes towards elephant conservation activities. While you get a unique piece of art to showcase, an elephant somewhere gets a better life. You can also order online on Tang's website
Another favorite activity at Elephant parade is to buy a plain white elephant and paint it in various colours and design on your own. This makes an ideal gift and fun activity for kids.
If I happen to go to Chiang Mai, Thailand again, I want to visit that elephant hospital.

Elephant Parade shop is located in the basement of Tang Mall, in Suntec city, Singapore

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  1. Very interesting to know about this Elephant parade.Great post.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well done father and son. And well done to you too for writing about it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such interesting and unusual tit-bits of information about Singapore... Really enjoyable reading!

  4. Interesting...

    Re your comment on my post, I have a separate post regarding my opinion of the vehicle, the link to which is given at the end of the post. It is http://instantwords.blogspot.in/2015/06/renology-study-of-renault-lodgy.html

    Thank you.

  5. Thanks Deepak. Will check out

    @nimi: Thanks

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    Thanks Tushar and Sri Kri

  6. How adorable. They look so, so attractive!! I remember seeing some elephants on DesiTraveler, quite some time back.

    Good to know that we can pick up plain ones online. I'd love to design one. Thank you for the info.

    Nice post. And lovely pics, Shrinidhi.

  7. Good to know they have such a beautiful initiative ...i love elephants especially the baby ones :)

    would love to visit this place on my visit to Singapore :)



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