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Singapore flyer night ride experience

I hadn’t experienced any major giant wheels yet, such as Singapore Flyer, London Eye etc. My friend Partho had written a guest post providing day time pictures of his ride. I had seen Singapore flyer up close last time, but couldn't manage a ride. This time that wish came true and we had a night flight in Singapore flyer, during which we could enjoy the beautiful night view of Singapore. 

We had to reach the flyer by 9 PM for our scheduled 9.30 PM ride. There were some traffic diversions due to golden jubilee preparation parade, but we managed to reach just in time.
The flyer wheel doesn’t stop to let people get in and out. It keeps moving slowly. Visitors exit and enter the capsule within a minute or two while it keeps moving on. This is possibly because stopping and starting needs lots of energy and also spoils experience for other riders if the flyer is to stop and start every few minutes. Once inside the capsule, we get to go for one full round and then exit. One full circle takes about 30 minutes and gives you bird’s eye view of Gardens by the Bay, Singapore River and the city in general. Flyer is not as high as Marina Bay Sands, so flyer cannot offer the tallest view possible. If view is your primary motive, then Skypark on top deck of Marina Bay Sands is probably a better and cheaper alternative.

Colourful lighting all around the flyer make for some interesting photographs, if you manage your camera's low light settings right. 
Singapore flyer rotates very slowly. If you’re looking for adrenaline rushing fast ride, then try various rides-particularly earth and cylone at Universal Studious, Singapore. But flyer is good to enjoy a scenic view of city with family in a relaxed more. Photography is allowed inside, no extra charge.

There are different types of entries into Singapore flyer. Normal ones that tourists typically opt for costs SGD 33 for adults, SGD 24 for senior citizens, SGD 21 for kids. Family pack costs SGD 78 for 2 adults + a kid.
And then there're premium tickets. What we had was a Signature cocktail flight- which includes access to VIP waiting lounge, priority access to flyer (less waiting compared to normal ticket), a welcome drink inside the flyer, one rotation in the flyer and free access to another attraction-journey of dreams (we didn't check that). Non-alcoholic drinks will be provided if specified in advance. This costs SGD 69 per adult. 
Below: Inside view of the capsule. With us were bloggers from China, Vietnam and Japan
There're few other options like High Tea flight and Full Butler Dining (have a four course meal in 1 hour (2 rotations). Check out Singapore flyer's website for details and booking. 

Above: View of other capsules in different lighting.
Below: View of Gardens by the bay Flower Dome and Cloud Forest dome
 Below: View of the highway and Singapore city from Singapore flyer

There are 28 capsules in Singapore flyer and each can hold up to 28 people. But they aren't loaded with 28 people. Usually 10-12 people are ushered into a capsule, depending on rush, group size and other factors. On a low demand day, you can have an entire capsule for yourself. 
I was also told that during Singapore formula one race (race track is all around the flyer), if there's an accident, all capsules turn orange in colour. On one side of flyer is Marina Bay Sands and Singapore river, Merlion, on the other side is Gardens by the Bay (South). On the remaining side, there're some constructions going on for Bay Central. (A new attraction that should be ready in couple of years)

Singapore flyer is Asia’s biggest with a height of 165 meters. The world’s biggest is reportedly inaugurated recently in Las Vegas, US, called High Roller, having a height of 167.6 meters. It is certainly an iconic landmark in Singapore. But if pressed for time/money one can skip the flyer and go to observation deck of Marina Bay Sands  (Skypark) instead. It doesn’t move but you get higher view, more time and space. Skypark is also cheaper at 23 SGD per person.

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