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10 Observations about Mahabaleshwar

1.     Mahabaleshwar has dozens of view points, mostly with names of foreign nationals (Such as Kate’s view point, Arthur’s view point etc). If you search in Google maps with these names, you will be shown a place with same name half way across the world. So just get on the road and drive around, you’ll invariably end in one view point or the other.
2.     Raw Mangos were being sold for Rs 85 near Arthur’s seat, not for a KG, for one single piece. Down at Panchagni, same could be bought for Rs 30 a piece. So manage to control your temptation if you feel price is exorbitant
3.     Panchagni corporation collects tax from all tourist vehicles heading to Mahabaleshwar (Rs 20 per person and Rs 50 per car), irrespective of one explores Panchagni or not. Because of this visitors need to cough up entry fee twice to visit Mahabaleshwar (Other one in MahabaleshwarRs 20 per person and Rs 30 per car). Keep these tickets safely- as they are valid for a week and need to be shown at various check points.
4.     Some portion of viewpoints could be dangerous as there’re not enough barricades.
5.     Horses in Mahabaleshwar are very healthy and strong [Read more]
6.     Bombay point is not really worth visiting except during sunset time.
7.     There could be wild animals roaming around the forest. We spotted a gaur near a view point. It was very early in the morning and it was roaming around freely. As it noticed us, it went inside the bushes. Photo is not very pleasant as it was clicked in a hurry before the animal hid itself.

8.     Strawberries are grown in large quantities- most of the farms facilitate free visit to the farm for tourists (who would invariably end up buying something- at least an ice cream)- read more
9.     Public transportation is not that good in the region.
10. While going up, I got nice hilly road with one way traffic. It was sheer fun to drive without having to worry about oncoming traffic. Didn't get same experience while coming down though.

See: Kate's view point

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