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Social Tree at Changi airport T1 Singapore!

Jan 2016 Update:
We visited the social tree again during the Changi Challenge- I could successfully retrieve my June 2015 photo. Now, we saw that a gaming option has been introduced- visitors can indulge in an interactive game. It is great timepass- you can play with others as well.

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Changi airport never fails to keep its passengers engaged. I have already written about various gardens at Changi airport, Unique facilities at Changi, Kinetic Rain at Changi etc. This time I wanted to check out what's new. I learnt that Social Tree is the new attraction at Changi, so went to check out what it is.

The social tree, as you see below in pictures, is a 9 meter tall structure that lets you take photos, send it to yourself or store it in the system or display them on the giant wall.

Around the social tree there're kiosks, in front of which you can stand and get your photos clicked. Next you can mail it, facebook it or tweet it or store it in the tree. You can also opt to display it on the giant screen as you see above. It stays there for a few minutes- bigger in the beginning and smaller later. You can, have some special effects, store the pics with an username and password, retrieve it later.
Social tree located in Terminal 1 is a good time pass stuff. I thought photos clicked will appear instantly/automatically on the tree- It wasn't so. Had to manually opt for that option, which wasn't appearing initially.

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