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Photography in monsoon and camera protection

It is monsoon time and many of us are planning road trips not withstanding heavy rains. It is a completely different experience to drive around during rains- No need for AC- roll down the windows and let the bliss sprinkle in.

Rains are as much joy to travel in, but photography during monsoon is another story. Most of our cameras do not really like rains. Camera electronics can suffer permanent damage if exposed to water.  Add to this, there’ll be much less sunlight and lots of fog during monsoons, compromising clarity of the scene.

In this post I am sharing some of my experiences and tips for photography during monsoon

GoPro has been my best bet: While DSLRs are water shy, GoPro has no such fear. It comes in a waterproof casing and can withstand rain, can be clicked under water and is overall a brilliant choice for rainy day photography. I use it extensively during rain.  Keep cleaning water deposit if any, on the lens before clicking. GoPro gets you a pretty wide angle photo, but doesn’t have too much settings like a DSLR and not good during low light conditions.

Waterproof cover for Cameras: Online stores sell many variants of waterproof covers for DSLRs. You put your camera inside it, seal it and can comfortably take it out in the rain. I have tried few of them- they work, but add lots of inconvenience while operating- such as clicking is not very convenient, can’t use view finder, lens movement could be restricted etc.

Click from inside the vehicle: Take your photo from the inside of the vehicle, eliminating any need for exposing the camera to rain outside. Safest way.

Have a buddy to hold an umbrella for you: This traditional method is best for light rain conditions. Your DSLR can withstand few accidental drops of water. So you can ask your buddy to hold an umbrella and you can click around normally. Wipe the camera clean with dry cloths after returning to the car.

Water resistant mobile phones: Many high end mobile phones these days come with water resistance capability. They can be used without any fear during rains. Panasonic also has a waterproof camera, such as Lumix FT3

Below are some photographs of Goa I clicked in August last year amidst rains.
It is also advisable to seek professional help for Photography in Goa if you’re looking for stunning photographs for commercial use.


  1. One day I will buy water resistant camera. Maybe GoPro - who knows. Thanks to you. Even Olympic camera are having water resistant cameras. NO?

  2. Useful tips with amazing pics. Nicely done, Shrinidhi. :)

  3. Nice Shots and very useful tips.How did you shot the last photo?

  4. @Sri Kri: Last shot was a still taken from video..

    @Yogi, Ravish, Arun Prasad, Mahesh Divya- thanks

  5. Nice tips ....Waterfall pic is awesome .... have been eyeing on Gopro for so long ... which can u would suggest gopro hero black X or Y ??

  6. Good post. We really have to take good care of those SLR babies.

    I've been thinking of buying a water-resistant point-and-shoot for the rains and showers and spray.

  7. My first visit to your blog. Good tips, thanks!

  8. @Leena Thanks for visiting

    @DN: Panasonic has some good options. But you may also wish to consider a waterproof smart phone instead- as high end smart phones are as good as regular point and shoots

    @Swati: What is X and Y?
    Hero 4 silver is pretty good for normal use. If you don't mind another 100 dollars go for Hero 4 black. Get it from US- it will be cheaper


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