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My experience: Traveling under the sea-Oresund Bridge, Sweden

Have you ever traveled under the sea? I had that unique opportunity in Denmark 2 years ago.

Oresund bridge connects Danish capital city Copenhagen with Swedish town Malmo. The bridge runs in two levels- the top one for vehicles and bottom one for trains. As I took train to Malmo, I got to travel in the bottom deck. For about 4 kms, the bridge becomes a tunnel (or rather connects to a tunnel) and we travel under the sea, to emerge in another country!

Tunnel, called Drogden tunnel is 18 meters under water (max depth), to let ships cross across. In the tunnel both rail and vehicle tunnels are parallel to each other, not one above another.

Above: Oresund bridge as seen from Malmo seashore. bottom track is for train and top is for vehicles.

Oresund bridge is the longest combined (rail + vehicle) bridge in Europe. The best photo of this bridge is always the one taken from Air, showing how bridge culminates in a tunnel and disappears into the sea. But unfortunately I do not have any way of taking such a picture. Photos I have are ones clicked from train window or from Malmo coastline. While landing at Copenhagen airport, if you have window seat and if it is day time and if pilot decides to cooperate, you can get a glimpse of Oresund bridge from the air. But I didn't have camera handy at that moment to click. Refer internet or Wikipedia for such eye catching images. I have put Google map clipping below.
I spotted a capsized boat during my journey. Hope all sailors were safe.
Denmark as an ambitious goal to go 100% green by 2050. That is, reduce dependency on fossil fuels to zero and rely fully on wind, solar and other forms of green energy. The ocean was full of windmills, generating power 24x7.

Below: A photo before train entered the bridge and another photo of Sweden countryside

Another long shot view of Oresund bridge clicked from Malmo seashore.

If you ask me how was the experience going under sea, in all reality it was just like entering any other tunnel. We didn't feel we are under the sea. If they had glass ceiling for the tunnel so that we could see the ships crossing above us, it would have been a world wonder. But glass or transparent ceiling may not be safe under the ocean.

30 minutes is all it takes to reach Malmo central from Copenhagen Central. I have now added dedicated tags to Sweden, Europe and international posts. So you can read all my Mamo posts here, Denmark posts here, Europe posts here and international posts here.

Next time if I get a chance, I will try the road. 


  1. Nice post Srinidhi. Lucky you! Good to know about Denmark setting up go-green goal by 2050. I like this hindsight.

  2. Loved the pics! It must have beeen one hell of an experience. Just the thought of being under sea is so exciting.

  3. Even though you might feel it was any other tunnel, see you did a post on it, so it was different! The scenery is amazing.

  4. Thanks Niranjan

    Thanks Akanksha... Well, it was just like entering any other tunnel... but the knowledge that we're 18 meters underwater is indeed thrilling

  5. You must be knowing the the longest underwater tunnel 50 k.m. is between Dover(UK) & Calais(France) depth is 250 feet deep , there are two type of trians Euro Star (Passanger train) & Euro Tunnel (for transporting vehicles) total length is It was amazing experience even our big buses will go inside the train we sit inisde the bus or even we can walk inside the train boggie. then train will go under the sea , we are not able to see as it is inside tunnel after train reaches Calais our buses will come out of the train and will travel on road. It is life time experience.

  6. Thanks Dhananjay for the useful information and sharing your experience


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