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Education Institutions are becoming like Airlines-The unavoidable future!

There was a news item circulating that a Chennai based school has started differentiating in facilities offered to students based on how much they pay. Those who pay less won't be able to join picnics or use canteen facilities. Building on that idea and taking clue from beloved airline industry, eNidhi India is happy to assist schools like Bol Vidya Mandir to sell different types of seats, for varying prices, so that parents could admit their ward into right category of seats based on their financial levels.
A classroom- contextual image

Payment Category
Ultra Low Cost seat
·    Students to sit on floor
·    Low cost classroom with zinc sheets and wooden pillars and earth flooring
·    Only 2 notebooks allowed. Any more baggage, pay extra
·    Any questions asked or clarifications sought by ULCS students will be charged extra
·     Parents will be charged entry fee to enter campus
·     Extra charge for homework evaluation
·     No transportation
·     Pay extra for canteen, playground, toilets usage
·     Exam fees Extra. Their papers will be evaluated after all other higher paying students are evaluated
·      95% attendance mandatory
  • Standard seating in class room
  • Transportation in overcrowded buses/vans/autos as available
  • 2 complementary questions per class
  • Govt provided mid-day meal will be served. Drinking water free. Anything else to be paid extra
  • 80% attendance mandatory
Premium Economy
All the features of Economy and
  • Priority boarding into school bus
  • Priority results announcement (after business and first class, but before economy)
  • Extra leg room rows in the class room
  • Parents get priority access to meet teachers
  • 50% attendance is enough
Business Class Seat
·         Mercedes C Class chauffer driven car will be sent for pick-up and drop off from home to school and back on all school working days
·         Massage seats with full entertainment system in classrooms
·         Answer papers will be evaluated as and when they are being written. Get results on the spot
·         Once an year picnic to exotic location with business class flight ticket and 5 star resorts
First Class Seat
·         Mercedes E Class chauffer driven car will be sent for pick-up and drop off from home to school and back on all school working days
·         Students may enter and exit class room/school at their will any time
·         Attendance is totally optional. If they can’t do homework or can’t attend exams, teachers will write for them
·         Answer papers will be evaluated even fore handing over empty sheets to write answers. Get even before writing exams
·         180 degree reclining seat with private shower and cabin assistant in the class room for ultimate luxury
·         If student not keen about going to class room, he/she may relax in premium lounge with lots of video games, drinks, snacks and even a massage centre
·         No need to go to next class after passing- by paying double fee, they can jump to 2-3 classes ahead directly
·         Once an year picnic to exotic location with first class flight ticket and 7 star resorts
·         Principal and staff will go to parent’s home/office if parents want to discuss anything


  1. Haven't schools and colleges always been like this? Govt. institutions, especially in remote rural areas often lack basic amenities and teaching staff. They will always be lacking when compared to govt. schools in bigger towns/cities, inspite of both being free.

    The mid-day meal programme is very helpful in rural areas as manual labourers/farmers can leave their kids at school (think free babysitting) and not worry about feeding them till they return from work.

    Super expensive private schools are in a different league altogether.

    Even in engineering colleges, it is a common practise if your attendance is below a certain %age, you can just pay a "fine" and carry on. Also, they charge an exam fee, lab fee, etc, over and above the Govt. mandated fees. You feel you got less marks in a paper? Pay and apply for retotalling and watch the number jump up magically! Want some more marks? Pay even more and apply for revaluation!

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, today there are different schools in different categories...


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