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Real Food on Killiney Road: Creative Veg Restaurant, Singapore

Real Food on Killine Road, Singapore is a unique restaurant we visited on day 2 of our Singapore trip for lunch. It is very different from other restaurants because of multiple reasons.
-          There’re lots of quality books you can read here while you enjoy your food
-          You can purchase some grocery also in the restaurant while you wait for your food.
-          There’re different kinds of seating- such as raised stools, low level sofas etc- people can chose whatever is convenient to them
-          It is all vegetarian- lots of organic/unique items are on offer (eggs are used in few items).
-          There is a music station also where you can chose a song of your choice and enjoy music.

They had 4000 sq ft of space using which they could have created a commercial 250 seat restaurant. But they opted to create a unique 80 seater restaurant + grocery shop+ book reading outlet that gives a signature experience to guests. 
Menu is retro style faded papers. We need to go to cash counter and order, food will be served to the table.
Water is not complementary. A glass of water costs I guess 50 cents. They also had on their racks cashew nuts imported from India, 200gms for SGD 10.

They served coffee but didn’t supply sugar. I had to go around, ask for it. No white sugar was there, had to manage with brown sugar.

Real food has very few staff, so expect some delays. Same staff can be seen at cash counter or in the kitchen or serving food.

Though branded vegetarian, eggs might be used in some products. Please be careful. We tried a pack of home made potato chips. It was very nice.

In terms of taste and all, I had ordered a grilled veg sandwich that costs 9.8 SGD, and organic fried rice that cost 7.8 SGD. Tasted fine, had a very different look and feel also. 

One of us had ordered Pizza, but it was taking lots of time, hence we asked it to be packed. Meals for five costed around 130 SGD. Sadly we had to leave soon- next time I am going to spend a few hours at Real Food and read some books while I sip a coffee.

110, Killiney Road, Tai Wah Building, Singapore 239549.
The building is very easy to locate with lots of greenery around


  1. Such a cool concept .... Windmill in Bangalore has a similar concept :) :)

  2. This is the first time we are hearing such a concept. Nice post!

  3. @Swati: Will check your post

    @Rupam and Sri Kri: Thanks


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