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Naval Aviation Museum in Vasco, Goa

Naval Aviation Museum, located in Vasco, Goa is a spot worth spending couple of hours. We get to take close look at previous era aircrafts, engines, their history, technical specs and lots of tools and tales of heroism.

This Naval museum doesn't get as much attention/publicity as beaches of Goa and most tourists often give this a miss. It is one of its kind in Asia and is worth a short visit.

There're many aircrafts, photos, equipment, weapons and ammunition on display. I'm posting photos of some of the most important ones.

Kamov-25 heavy duty helicopters that can drop torpodeos or depth charges
Sea Hawk single seater light attack aircraft has foldable wings, making it easy to store more of them on an aircraft carrier.
Lockheed 1049 super constellation was a popular commercial aircraft of previous era. Introduced in early 50s, Lockheed Super Connies could accommodate over 100 passengers per flight. Air India had many of these in its fleet and used them till early 1960s
Super Constellation has 4 propeller engines each producing 3300 horse power, giving the air craft an average cruise speed of 410kmph and a range of close to 4600kms.
West Land Sea King is a UK developed helicopter. Naturally it is used extensively by Royal Navy.

Seaking is used extensively for SAR (Search and Rescue) missions and ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare)

Dove aircraft- can seat 8-10 people and used for multiple purpose roles.

Above: Cut section of an Engine
Below: Upper and lower deck of an aircraft carrier model

Museum also shows photographs of Goa liberation and several other events related to Navy. Lots of weapons and ammunition are also on display.

Navy Aviation museum is open on all days except Monday, between 10AM and 5PM. There is small entry fee.

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  1. Wonderful , never encounter anything like this in all the "what to do/see in Goa" articles.

  2. Srinidhi, I admire you for your interest in photography & covering technical details of objects. Great effort on putting this show on Naval Aviation Museum. All the best!

  3. Thanks Vishal

    Yes, there're many other places in Goa regular tourists completely miss. I will be writing about them over time


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