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Alive Museum, Suntec City Mall, Singapore

Suntec mall is a popular destination in Singapore. Located at heart of the city, Suntec mall houses many promintent corporate offices, a mall (Tang Mall), a good cafeteria and many more attraction.

One of the recent attractions at Suntec mall is the Alive Museum.

Alive museum is akin to the 3D art gallery I had seen atVenezia mall, Hua Hin last year. But I find Alive museum better prepared- it has specific marking advising people from where to take photograph, a sample photograph indicating how to pose and more use of physical substance (like protruding table tennis table) to accompany art work.

Pictures speak thousand words- below are some of the pictures telling you what to expect at Alive Museum Singapore.

Elephant ride- reminds me of Dr Rajkumar in Gandhada Gudi kannada movie.

White water rafting- this idea was much better than the Hua Hin mall one- creates an artificial floor and lets me sit inside the raft.

Photo courtesy- Desi traveler

Dhempe gets nice smooth sexy legs…

Count your final movements

Be a king and get lots of bows! (pic by Desitraveler)
Some more... 

Alive Museum has an entry fee of SGD 25, to be bought at the entrance or on their website. Buying online will save you 10-20%. It is open from 10 AM to 10 PM, last entry by 9 PM. It takes 60-90 minutes to explore the museum, depending on how fast you are and how many selfies you wish to get clicked.

Alive museum is a good place to have fun, particularly for those who are photo savy or if you have young children in the group. Restaurant and rest rooms are available as part of the mall.


  1. I am thinking by watching photos. Photos made me think how it is possible? :)
    Thanks for sharing. Going to watch again & again.

  2. To me Trick eye Museaum in Sentosa seems to be better option than this but on weekend u have to wait in a long Queue

  3. Cool!
    That looks like so much fun. :)

  4. All good ones. :)
    Amazing creations. Why can't we have something like this in India?

  5. @Mahesh Divya Try next time.. many cities are coming up with such galleries now.

    @Rupam Thanks

    @Indrani Yes, we should have one in India. We do have lots of artists who can make this happen
    We already have max museum in many cities

    @DN Thanks

    @Viv: Ok.


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