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Radisson Blu- Greater Noida: Review

We stayed for a day at Radisson Blu hotel in greater Noida for Hangout with Honda event and this post shares some of my pictures and observation on this hotel.

First and foremost, this hotel is 1.5- 2 hours away from Delhi airport and is targeted towards those who visit Greater Noida for work (no leisure here). Being just 15-20 mins from Buddh International Circuit, Radisson Blu is the preferred hotel for those visiting BIC for work or pleasure. Otherwise visitors to various companies in greater Noida area are its primary customers.

Hotel campus is pretty small, but is about 9-10 floor high. But rooms are extremely spacious.

Rooms are of two types- pool facing and highway facing. I stayed in a pool facing room and it was very nice looking into blue pool outside the room.
Few things I noted:
  • Gates were not well manned. When we arrived, our bus had to wait for several minutes out side the gate, for security to come and unlock the gate. (cars enter from another gate- probably they don’t get too many buses inside, so they weren’t well prepared)
  • There were no towels or shower near the pool
  • Veg options during lunch and dinner were a bit limited, compared to what south India star hotels offer.
  • No comb was kept as one of the bathroom accessories.
  • There is absolutely nothing you can do or visit near the hotel. Taxi to Delhi and back costs Rs 3000. There is no metro or public transport. So if you have time, you’ll mostly be spending it inside the hotel. Your friends also will hesitate to come n meet you here as it will be too far for them.

Rooms are very very spacious, well equipped with writing table, table lamp, mini sofa, chairs, mini bar, wardrobe and a spacious bathroom. Some of the fittings are fine selection premium brands that you don’t find in regular hotels- for example this hand shower, or the table lamp are very inviting because of their uniqueness. Bathroom has generous area for you to move around and dress up.

Breakfast was pretty good. South Indian items like Masala dosa/Rava dosa are also available at the live counter on demand.

Free wifi is good. Staff are pretty good. My room phone didn’t work and was replaced within 10 minutes of me complaining.

Each floor has a lobby area, wide corridors. So guests will not feel space constrained.

They use a nice technique- water flows over the glass ceiling which covers the lobby, before entering the pool. This helps keep the lobby beneath cool. I noticed that several birds also come near the ceiling to drink this water- very good initiative in my mind.

So Radisson Blu Greater Noida hotel is best selected only when you’ve some specific work closeby. Otherwise there’re few other Radison Blu hotels in Delhi city limits, which are better suited.
Rooms cost little above Rs 5000 for our stay, which I assume is after applying corporate discount. They gave me a loyalty card and told me all details about loyalty program will be sent to my email ID. Got an email asking me to fill feedback survey. Also loyalty can be claimed only when we book for ourselves, not when someone else books and pays while we go and stay in the hotel.

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  1. A very good honest review...although this property is very good to stay...but you rightly mentioned only if you have some business in the vicinity. But things will soon change when the metro link to Greater Noida is finished. With metro connectivity this area is going to develop manifold..recently new bus routes have been created catering to this and nearby areas...and also most of the residential complexes are near completion. With one leg of boost to the realty sector by the govt...the place would witness a boom of unprecedented kind. There are talks of an airport being sanctioned and would be built in Jewar area...lot many more projects are in the offing. So in future Greater Noida would be a great place to reckon with if things turn out as planned. Till then this hotel would serve people who are on business visits or are here for the events at Budhdh International Circuit. Next year we will have Auto Expo ..that again is a big business puller event for the hotel.

  2. Great Review.Agree with Bushra's comments too.

  3. Guilty as charged, it was too far away to come and visit. But we will meet the next time you come this way and stay in the city.

  4. @Mridula: No problem.

    @Sri Kri: Thanks

    @Bushra: Thanks for the detailed comment. Good to know lots of development planned.

  5. Contrary to Radisson Copenhagen, this one in Greater Noida looks way more posh and luxurious than the Danish one!

  6. @Doc- you think so? I couldn't find such major differences


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