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Facebook forcing users to download stupid malware removal tools

Facebook seem to have suddenly got into the business of selling software- claiming user's computers are affected by malware and not let them access their account till they download and run some hitherto unknown malware removal tools.

When I saw above message something sounded fishy. I already have licensed copy of Kaspersky. I ran a scan and everything was fine on the computer. I couldn't understand why FB is forcing download of another tool, so I did some googling and realised that many others are also facing same issue.

Read below link where almost everyone are blasting facebook for this high handedness and arm twisting users into doing things they don't want to. FB claims it is only a recommendation, but users have NO option to skip it, so this is forced down user's throat.


Not sure what is the fix for this. I haven't downloaded the malware stuff and have no intention to. I think it is a good time to staff off facebook for sometime and focus on other things. I think I can still have a life without facebook, so using this opportunity to try it out. Do not msg me on FB, reach me through other channels like mail, twitter, whatsapp.

Let us see how this situation develops over next few days and if facebook stops this side business of selling unwanted stuffs to unsuspecting users.


  1. FB has access to your online social life and WhatsApp conversations. Now it wants to snoop on your local hard drive content to better profile you or spy on you, and sell it's findings.

  2. A temporary work-around is to delete your Facebook cookies from your browser. Having been stung with this myself, I’ve advised others affected by this fake malware accusation, and a simple deletion allows them back into Facebook, albeit a limited version (they can’t post anything with a link). In my case, the Facebook anti-malware malware took out my antivirus, to the point where Windows would not allow it to be switched back on, and it has taken four days of repairs to get my computer back to normal. I learned the hard way: http://jackyan.com/blog/2016/01/when-facebook-forces-you-to-download-their-anti-malware-your-own-antivirus-gets-knocked-out/ and hope others don’t need to go through it.

    Nothing about your system triggers the warning, as others can log in to their accounts using the same browser and computer. However, it is deeply concerning what was taken by Facebook during the so-called anti-malware scan.

  3. Thanks for sharing details Jack. It will be helpful.


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