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Brahma Karmali waterfalls, Goa: great for family outing

Brahma Karmali is a set of small waterfalls deep in the woods not too far from Goa Karnataka border and Shivling Pali Sattari waterfalls. Goa forest department charges 100 INR per person as entry fee to visit Brahma Karmali waterfalls.

The first waterfall is about a 1 kms trek from the parking area- a small falls and a wide river flowing by- perfect spot for family picnic.

Walk a few hundred meters further, we see that the river/steam is flowing in from two directions and merges into one. Follow both the trails and you will find a few more mini waterfalls. One of them is good for short swims. 

While the Brahma Karmali waterfall is nowhere close to the popular, bigger falls, it is a nice spot for picnic- no complex treks, no risky falls or ponds- so good spot to spend time with friends and family.  An avid trekker, hard core adventure seekers may skip this waterfall to save a few hours as there are more adventure falls in Goa.

Watch a short insta clip below

Brahma Karmali waterfalls visitor info:

  • How to reach? Follow the map. [Map link]. Map location is pretty accurate
  • Facilities available: None. Carry what you need
  • Difficulty level: Very easy
  • Time Required: 1-2 hours max
  • Timing: Not specified, go during daylight
  • Entry fee: 100 INR per person, no extra charge for parking
  • Nearby spots:

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