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The Blue View Villas & Homestay: Ratnagiri

The Blue View Rooms was a nice property we checked in into, after checking 2-3 other properties in Ratnagiri

Good things:

  • 2 BHK for 3000 INR per night is a decent option for 4 people.
  • Great view with a open terrace
  • Food price is decent (150 INR for a plate of veg thali)
  • Room, living room is nice and spacious. Definitely better than taking 2 individual hotel rooms.


  • Far from the city. Absolutely no shops or anything within several km radius
  • Wifi was not working
  • Food delivery is very slow
  • Parking is bit constrained and tricky. You may have to park on inclines/confined spaces
  • Toilet flush was not working. Had to use bucket water
  • Close to the beach but no easy walking trail down to the beach. Need to take longer road path to visit beaches

Before arriving at the Blue View Villas, we had checked out Samudra Beach resort, which was around 4000 INR per room which we felt expensive. (they were willing to reduce by 500 Rs if we skip breakfast). Another hotel was available for 1500 INR per room per night but they said they don't have power backup.

Overall our night stay in the property was fine. We could sleep well, have dinner, check out early and proceed towards Goa.

Coming soon: Places to visit around Ratnagiri

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