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Kakolem beach. Goa: 2 waterfalls by the sea

We are used to see waterfalls in the hills and beaches by the sea. Fancy seeing both of them together? It is possible at one location in Goa. Do read on

Goa is known for its beaches and Goa also has several waterfalls. But for waterfalls you’ve to usually travel to into the ghat area away from the beach. But Goa has one beach which has two waterfalls right next to the beach.

Kakolem beach in South Goa is the hidden gem. Reaching Kakolem beach needs about 1.5-2 kms trekking from the parking area. (parking area itself is bit off-roading, normal cars can reach but you need the skill and confidence to drive back uphill on loose soil)

We had visited Kakolem area last year but visited a viewpoint nearby, missed the beach. This time we were guided well by our friends and went to the beach instead. 

The view from parking area

The video of first waterfall

First waterfall is right next to the stream where river water enters ocean

Rock near Kakolem

The second waterfall is a few hundred meters ahead- involves a smaller waterfall falling directly into the Arabian sea. To reach here we have to climb a mid size rock and get down while braving strong waves. Many visitors who were around when we visited didn’t reach second falls-only saw it from a distance.

Having a waterfall by the sea also means a good supply of fresh water to drink, take a bath. Kakolem beach is pretty unique because of this.

Kakolem beach visitor Info

  • Location: Kakolem beach is 30 kms south of Madgaon, accessible by road
  • Entry fee: Local property owners charge 50 INR per person to allow entry
  • Timing: Nothing specific, plan during day time. Not sure if locals will close the gate.
  • Road condition: good till Kakolem. Last 1.5-2 kms to the parking lot is mud roads- can get slippery at times so tricky for two wheel drive cars on rainy days. Doable if your car has good ground clearance and you’re confident to handle a bit of off-roading. If not, park away and walk a bit more.

Facilities available: none by the beach, few makeshift shops sell tea, pakoda etc by the main road

Nearby: Cabo De Rama fort, Butterfly Beach, Agonda beach, Betul beach etc

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