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Baba Waterfalls series, Chaukul, Amboli, MH

Visiting one waterfall in monsoon is a delight. Being able to view several of them one after another is a super delight.

Fancy witnessing a series of amazing waterfalls one next to another in an easy to access path in western ghats? Then plan a visit to Baba waterfalls. Kumbhawade waterfall, popularly known as Baba waterfall is a hidden gem off Amboli in Maharashrra. You can make a day trip to Baba waterfall conveniently from Goa (96 kms from Panaji) or Belagavi (62 kms).

What to expect at Baba waterfalls?

Baba waterfalls is a series of waterfalls one next to another. Earlier it was a private property, now open to the public.

As you enter the trail, you will spot several falls on your right. Falling from a height of about 150-200 meters (rough guess). Very easy access and pretty safe as well, if you wish to get under and enjoy a bath and high pressure water massage.

As you proceed, you will see more falls of different height & width along the way, till you reach the end of the trail, which has a cave and waterfall over the cave.

The last one has a cave adjacent, making it a very unique experience. We can get under the cave and view the waterfall from behind. A wide spray of water gushing from top of the rocks is an amazing experience. We can relax a bit under the cave and begin our return.

How to reach Amboli's Baba waterfalls?

Chaukul is the name of the area. The cave is also referred to as Chaukul cave.

Take a taxi or your own transportation. Follow google maps. Approach road from Amboli is overall fine, bit narrow,so be careful about vehicles coming from the opposite side. Last 2 kms is bit of rocks and soil- normal cars can go. 50 INR per person entry fee applies. After car parking, about 1.5 - 2 kms of easy walk is required. Bikers can go a bit closer. 

Self drive cars rented in Goa will not be allowed to cross state border into Amboli

Map link 

  • Facilities: Car parking space for 15-20 cars available near Baba falls, no other facilities. But there is a restaurant near the falls, where you can have some food and use the restroom.
  • Time required at Baba waterfalls: 1 to 2 hours minimum at the falls, travel time extra.
  • Season to visit Baba waterfalls: Best visited during monsoon season. Not much fun after November
  • Time to visit Baba falls: exact time not known, go during day time like 9 AM to 5 PM, should be good. It will take 2-3 hours to reach Amboli from the nearest city like Goa or Belagavi, so if you start early in the morning you can explore several attractions around Amboli one after another and return by evening.
  • Stay: Amboli area has many stay options if you prefer to stay close to Baba falls in the hills. Most tourists stay in Goa or Belgaum and do day trips to Amboli

Other things to note: Didn’t find any leeches in July. Crowd was there when we visited but I wouldn’t say it was too crowded. 

A short video has been added [Watch on youtube]

Standby for another post on Amboli day trip from Goa


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