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Cabo De Rama fort, Goa

Managed to visit Cabo De Rama fort this year. During my visit previous year I had reached very early in the morning and security won’t let us in before 8.30 AM. As I had work, I couldn't go during day time. Below are what you can expect inside Cabo De Rama fort

1 Beach- a nice hike downhill- some 200 steps- will take you to a small beach area filled with rocks and pebbles. A few shops also exist on this path selling snacks and cold drinks

2 Church- at the center of Cabo De Rama fort is a church

3. Watch towers- there are several spots on top of the hill at each corner of the Cabo De Rama fort from where you can get good view of the ocean around.

4. Fresh water lake- had clear water but access was not easy so didn’t go close

5. Second beach access- on the right side as well there is a path to go down to the ocean from the beach

6. Large banyan tree

7 Lots of open area- area behind the church is vast- good for a stroll

8 Walk on the fort walls- you will notice the deep trench between the fort and mainland. Many banana plants have grown from the fort wall.

Cabo De Rama fort is 30 kms south of Madgaon, best reached using own transport or taxi. Bus service is almost non-existent.  Fort opens at around 8.30 AM for visitors and closes by around 5.30 PM. There are a few restaurants on the way to Cabo De Rama fort.

There is no parking fee or entry fee for Cabo De Rama. Some marketing guy from Karma holidays met us at parking lot and gave us a coupon saying we won some award, to collect which we have to go to their resort.

Cabo De Rama history
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