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Amazing 3 stage Vajragundi waterfalls near Kumta!

Vajragundi is an amazing multi stage waterfalls near Kumta. I visited this falls for the first time last weekend. Before heading towards Vajragundi falls we spoke to few locals to check if roads are fine and if the visit is worth. Locals said roads are reasonably fine, few kms trek is involved and you might need a guide. We decided to proceed following the google maps and check it out anyway, as the falls was showing some 11 kms from the highway.

The path

The Once we got off the car, about 1 km muddy roads, then crossed a stream, passed through paddy fields, the entered the forest area, followed a white pipeline for about a km or two, crossed the stream, began upward hike and eventually reached first proper view of Vajra Gundi waterfalls.

Vajragundi falls: Level 1

The first proper view of the falls I would call Level 1: Fairly deep, path available to go closer, we decided to go further up instead of stopping here.

Vajra Gundi falls: Level 2

Further up, after an easy climb, we reached another pond and falls. This was the largest pond, pretty shallow and perfect for families.

Vajragundi falls: Level 3

Another 200-300 meters of steep climb (extra caution needed not to slip and lose control) and we reached the final bit- very less crowd here and water was great for a bath.

Not sure if we can trek even further up. Didn't see any easy path so didn't try beyond level 3

Insta clip

Vajragundi falls visitor info:

  • Complexity: Medium complexity, about 3-4 kms trekking total, not too difficult but easy to lose direction, best done in groups. Not very suitable for elders, very young kids due to rocks that can be slippery.
  • Time required: Around 45 mins-1 hour trekking one way,  1 hour at the falls, another hour to return, about 11 kms/30 mins drive from highway- total 4 to 5 hours from nearest town Kumta
  • Entry fee: None
  • Timings: None, but return before sunset
  • Other risks: Leeches possible
  • Facilities available: None, carry whatever you need
  • Season: July to November

How to reach Vajragundi falls?

  • Follow the map, but last 2-3 kms map is not accurate. Divert from main road to a small downhill concrete road when you see a board "Chandira Nature Stay".
  • From here a bit of off roading begins. If your car's ground clearance is low and road is very slippery due to rain then it might be tricky to proceed. Else you can drive a few kms closer to the falls. Bikers can go further close.
  • Find a good spot, park your car and begin trekking.
  • Once you cross a small bridge over a stream, road splits into Y shape. Take the right turn. Follow the trail.
  • You will cross a stream, enter a stepped paddy field area, cross it and head towards the forest.
  • Once inside the forest you should be finding a white pipeline that goes till the falls. Follow this pipeline and you will reach the Vajragundi falls.
  • Take input from other people who might be returning from falls or locals 
  • Around 2-3 kms of trekking will take you to the falls area.
  • Do not stop at the first sight of falls. There are 2-3 more stages, if you can hike further up.

Stay: There are few home stays closer to falls. (Chandira Home Stay). Alternatively you can stay in Kumta or Gokarna and do a day trip to Vajra Gundi falls.

Watch a 3 min video of our visit to Vajragundi falls! [Watch on Youtube]

Nearby: Mirjan Fort * Vibhooti falls * Yana * Kumta and nearby-  places to visit

Kadkod falls is a quick stop on the way.

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