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Kumta & nearby: Places to visit

Tourists visiting Honnavara, Kumta, Gokarna belt usually plan their stay in Gokarna. Kumta is often seen as a stopover destination and not a stay option. However, if you have already explored Gokarna and Honnavar and looking for a change or in case you don't get decent accomodation in Gokarna you can explore staying in Kumta and exploring nearby places.

Another advantage of Kumta is Kumta railway station is very close to town, hence access is easier and cheaper. Fair number of KSRTC and private buses are available to Mangaluru, Bengaluru and other big cities.

This post lists various places of interest that you can explore with Kumta as a base. Kumta as such isn't loaded with tourist attractions to keep you busy for whole weekend, but within 50 kms radius you will find dozens of attractions, thus it is very viable to plan a weekend from Kumta. I've drafted plan for 1 night/2 days, you can extend/modify as per your needs.



Distance from Kumta town



Kirbele/Kagal fort

14 kms

Open area, viewpoint, grassland


Mirjan Fort

12 kms

8 AM to 6 PM


Yana Rocks

30 kms

Half day program


Kumta Beach

4 kms




32 kms by road, shorter ferry option available for bikes



Vibhooti falls

54 kms

Seasonal- Aug to November best time


Vajragundi falls

24 kms

Seasonal- Aug to November best time


Kandla board walk Honnavara

24 kms



Hosagodu falls

65 kms

Seasonal- Aug to November best time


Pavinakurva Hanging Bridge

17 kms



Bhatkal lighthouse

62 kms




47 kms

 Temple, beach


Apsarakonda falls and Marine park

34 kms



Aghanashini River


Viewable from multiple points


Vishnu Theertha    



Few more options:

Vannalli Beach & Harbor


Day 01: Upon arrival at around 6 or 7 AM, decide if you want to try early check-in, fresh up or can hold till afternoon and start exploring right away.

Mirjan Fort, Yana caves and couple of waterfalls in that area (if visiting between August and November/December) would take your morning half.

Back in Kumta, check in into your room, fresh-up, lunch

Evening you may wish to head South towards Honnavara- Mangrove board walk, Apsarakonda, Eco Beach, Pavinakurva hanging bridge would take your second half. Detailed post on Hoonavara is available separately. If time permits and interested proceed further south towards Murudeshwara, else return to Kumta, sunset at Kumta beach.

Vishnutheertha and Mavinakere are 2 more interesting spots inside Kumta town.

Day 02: Head to Kirbele fort for a nice trek in the morning. From here you may want to take a ferry to Gokarna and explore Paradise beach (bike and individuals can take a ferry, by road is longer 42 kms). If Gokarna excites you there are more attractions to spend whole day, or you can return to Kumta and explore scenic spots around Aghanashini river (Separate post coming soon).

If you wish to extend you can proceed towards Sirsi, Dandeli or Karwar, Goa or Udupi, Mangaluru or Jog falls, Sagara/Shivamogga from Kumta.

We stayed at Palm Beach huts in Kumta. You may select any option in your budget, location and interest. Kumta does have couple of large and expensive resorts, several homestays/budget hotels by the beach and few more options by the highway.

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