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10 Best memories of 2022

 Doing a quick recap of my best memories from year 2022

1. One international trip after 2.5 years!

Had a short visit to Phu Quoc in Vietnam thanks to a cheap ticket from VietJetAir. The 3 day trip was completed in around 32K INR all inclusive and was a refresher break as it was my first flight since March 2020 when covid struck. Sad that VietJet Air suspended operation from BLR and HYD- would have planned another one to Da Nang if it was not the case. Do read my Phu Quoc Post here

2. Workation from Goa

I spent 10 days working from Goa. Two blogger friends who had rented a bungalow in Goa had a vacant room and I was allowed to stay with them. Worked from morning to evening, went out early morning and evening after work to explore several lesser known places around. My longest stay in Goa so far- probably will try to repeat next year if I get good company to share expenses. 22 km trek to Doodhsagar falls was also a great experience. Thanks to my friends for inviting me for this experience.

3 Got to try Drone

Got my hands on a drone this year- still learning and have a lots to learn in terms of editing. But it is a good experience to have. Got one GoPro hero 11 and an Insta 360- yet to use them effectively. Gadgets did cost a bit of money this year. With all these I am trying to focus more on videos, but still time constraint and lack of editing skills is holding me back.

4. Resisted temptation to buy new bike and phone

Need to upgrade from my TVS Apache which is into its 9th year. Was thinking of buying new bike this year but so far managed to resist the temptation and use the existing bike a bit longer. Around 2 to 2.5 lakh expenditure has been postponed for now, may be in 2023. 

Also managing with 1.5 year old Samsung M31. Thought of premium phones multiple times but holding on for now.

5 Three resort stays

Very limited luxury this year- 2 nights at Club Mahindra Virajpet, 2 nights at Woods Resort Wayanad and 2 nights at Mercury Resort Phu Quoc. Rest of the trips were budget stays.

6. Fewer Solo trips

Had much lesser count of solo trips in 2022 compared to earlier. 1 trip to Ballalarayana Durga, 1 towards Kumta, 1 trip around Shivamogga.

Almost all other trips were with friends/colleagues or family members. The Phu Quoc trip, Honnavara-Sagara trip, Kumta trip, Didupe falls trip, Chikmagalur trip etc were all nice due to company of friends & family.

7. 27000 kms driven this year

13000 kms in car, 14000 kms in bike. Averaging 74 kms a day. Bike ride includes daily office run of about 50 kms. Highest fuel spend was in August- around 20000 INR largely due to Goa trip, lowest was in December.

8. Four states

Domestic flights are so expensive, didn’t even think of going to North India. Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra are the only states visited this year, with Vietnam as one international destination.  There is still a lot left to explore in and around me, without having to go too far.

9. De-facto Udupi guide for friends

This year have shown around Udupi to several friends visiting Coastal Karnataka. While the places are repeat visit for me, it feels good to show the guests around- lesser known spots regular tourists often miss. In return many of them have offered to show me around when I visit their towns

10. Better work life balance & away from influencer marketing

Staying in a small town has its advantages- I am able to spend more time with family, explore local places in leisure, spend less time in traffic.

On the other side, I am almost out of influencer marketing scene now. Hardly any media event happens in Udupi and brands don't find me worth inviting due to poor instagram followership and other factors. Still getting many mails for guest post and link exchange which I have stopped responding to. Focus is more on work and personal travel.

How was your 2022?

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