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Best of 2022: Most read, most commented posts

Here is a compilation of most viewed, most commented posts from 2022

Most viewed posts of 2022:

#1 Club Mahindra GoZest

Club Mahindra related posts take 3 out of 10 top viewed posts spot in my blog this year.  Club Mahindra recently launched a shorter version of their time share membership to target middle class families who can't afford or don't want to try 25 year timeshare subscription. I attended their presentation in Udupi and wrote a post based on my experience, which was liked by thousands of readers. Do read the full post on GoZest here.

#2 Cordelia cruise:

Indians are now slowly getting exposed to cruise options within the country, without having to go to Singapore, Europe or Bahamas. But cruise trip is not all glamour as marketed- there are limitations and things you should know before booking. This post shares my detailed analysis of Cordelia Cruise

#3 Food options at Club Mahindra Virajpet

Just one buffet lunch at Club Mahindra resort can set you back by 1500 to 2000 INR per person per meal. For a family of 4, food expense for 2 days could be 4k per person per day* 4people * 2 days = 32, 000 INR. So it is a big deal to understand your options, expenses while you are planning to stay at luxury resorts where everything is expensive and you are trapped into spending as there are no alternatives. Do read this post to understand your options at Club Mahindra resorts and plan your visit better, to save more.

#4 Elthor bravo

A lesser known EV brand is quite popular in cities they sell. Read more

#5 Solving Ola/Uber cab driver problems

How to solve driver refusing ride crisis at Uber and Ola? My thoughts here 

#6 How to use Club Mahindra Gift Vouchers

Not so convenient but you need some luck and flexibility to use this free stay coupon (not free, 2000 INR per person is payable). Know more here

#7 Buying laptop- online vs physical store

What are the pros and cons? Why we should continue to support physical stores? Read to know, based on my personal experience.

#8 Udupi Paryaya Utsava Schedule 

#9 Kayaking in Saligrama

A lesser known adventure option in Udupi- know more here

# 10 What to buy from Udupi?

Most commented posts of 2022, excluding those already listed above

1. Some ideas to save on 3rd party liability insurance

2. Review of Makin Memories timeshare holiday experience

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