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Kumta beach is more attractive than you thought!

Kumta beach doesn't get listed among popular beaches in coastal Karnataka. Tourists do not plan a visit here while beaches in Gokarna, Honnavara, Udupi get all the attention. Even I had not visited Kumta beach so far while I have passed through Kumta hundreds of times.

Kumta beach is worth visiting because multiple reasons

1. Rocks that extend into sea- like a mini St Mary's island feeling without having to take boat ride

2. Not too far from Kumta city or highway (around 4 kms) with good road access

3. No tourist crowd like Malpe or Gokarna

4. Some shallow areas safe for kids to enter

5. Drive a few kms north or south, you will find more spots of interest, different type of terrain/views.

We visited Kumta beach recently in the evening with little bit of daylight left. While I shot a short drone clip, Pratap has captured some amazing timelapse photos.

Watch a drone clip below [Watch on Youtube]

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