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Kolcharpadav Hill view point near Mangaluru

While scouting for places to visit near Mangaluru, I came across Kolcharpadav Hill Station. Wanted to visit during monsoon but first trip happened only during October 2022. Made another visit in December 2022. This post shares some pictures and detailed information in case you’re interested to visit Kolcharpadav viewpoint/ Saripalla viewpoint.

Where is Kolcharpadav hill station/View point?

Kolcharpadav is about 10 kms away from Mangaluru city center (around 8 kms from Jyothi circle). You will have to divert from the road heading towards Kaikamba- just follow google maps. 

How are the roads towards Kolcharpadav view point?

Roads were just fine. Last 1 km is mud roads with some slope. On my first visit in October I wasn’t very sure if car will go, so I parked early and went by walk. But after checking the road I am confident normal cars will go. During second visit in December I drove all the way to top in Venue. However use your discretion. Particularly if it has rained, better not to risk getting stuck. Bikes will do just fine.

What to do at Kolcharpadav?

Kolcharpadav is a mini hill with lots of open space and a great view of Mangaluru town and Netravati river. When I visited first time there was lots of mist so my view was bit compromised. Second visit was a bit better.

While Kolcharpadav takes you to hill top, Saripalla Viewpoint is another spot just a few hundred yards away from Kolcharpadav- follow it to get great view of the town.

You can sit, relax and enjoy the view and nature, play some games with friends if you wish and return to the hustle and bustle of the city.

In October, the grass was green. I December I saw that all the grass were burnt and area was black. Maybe authorities burnt the grass in controlled manner to prevent forest fire.

There are some trekking trails- if you have more time, feel free to trek around a few kms. I didn’t have luxury of time, so returned after sometime. If you have all the time, you can possibly find a trail that could take you all the way down to highway.

When in Mangaluru, if you have a few hours to spare during day time, you can plan a visit to Kolcharpadav viewpoint.

No shops, no tickets, no facilities available at Kolcharpadav. You are on your own.

Short drone footage below [Watch on Youtube]

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