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Honnavara, North Canara-20+ Places to visit

Honnavara is a scenic town in Uttara Kannada district. Honnvara has multiple attractions worth exploring. With Arabian sea on one side and western ghats on the other, Honnavar is full of natural beauties. Tourists often head to Murudeshwara, Gokarna or Karwar and skip Honnavara, mostly because of lack of information. In this post I am listing various places of interest in and around Honnavara, so that you can easily plan half day or 1 day or even 2 day trip out of Honnavara.

Reasons to explore Honnavara:

  1. Less crowded and more offbeat compared to Gokarna, Dandeli, Karwar
  2. Easy access via train & bus or road from Bengaluru, Goa, Shivamogga, Mangaluru or Karwar
  3. Enough attractions around city to keep you busy for a day
  4. More attractions within 50 kms drive to keep you busy for couple of days
  5. Extend your trip towards Karwar/Dandeli or Jog Falls/Shivamogga or Udupi/Mangaluru
  6. One of the two Blueflag rated beaches of Karnataka located in Karwar
  7. Mangrove forest, boating options, seafood, suspension bridges, waterfalls, hiking trails and more.

Honnavara attractions within city limits (10 kms from city centre)

These attractions are Honnvara's most popular ones and can be visited by hiring an auto or taxi from city center.

1. Apsarakonda Waterfalls & Marine Park

Bit far from city but totally worth. Good for talking a bath, suitable for entire family. About 7 kms from city. Marine park has viewpoint, exhibits and walking trail.

Read detailed post on Apsarakonda here

2. Apsarakonda beach:

Nothing exclusive, can be skipped if not keen or short of time.

3. Sharavathi Kandla Mangrove Board Walk

One of the most popular attractions of Honnavara. Nice outing in the woods- walk on well paved walkway amongst mangrove trees all around. More details in this post.

4. Eco Beach (Kasarkod blue flag beach)

Probably the most popular beach in Karwar. More details here 

5. Colonel Hill Pillar (Monument)

View from highway. There could be a trekking option to the top. Didn't find any easy road.

6. Titanic boating

Boat operator in Honnavar- contact for leisure rides or events. Email jaggu7747@gmail.com, phone 9916421754 and 7406837747

7. Conrad Pinto Beach Memorial: 

Nice delta point where Sharavati river enters ocean. Visit if you have a few hours to spare.

8. Pavinakurva Suspension Bridge

A nice suspension bridge about 5 kms north of Honnavara city. Bikes can be ridden on it. Visit for good photos. There is one more suspension bridge on the road towards Sagara/Jog Falls. [Read more here]

9. Konkan Railway

You may get some nice photos if you search well and get lucky. Bridge, railway station & tracks etc form nice view when trains are crossing. Explore more if you are interested

10. Beach side drive:  

There are couple of trails- one along Saraswath beach towards Puvinakurva suspension bridge, another around Manki beach etc.

See map below [Map Link]

Tourist attractions near Honnavara (up to 50 kms from city centre)

If you have more time, staying overnight in Honnavara or comfortable traveling 40-50 kms one way, below are some popular attractions around Honnavara

1. Idagunji Mahaganapathi temple (16 kms)

Nothing exceptional from tourist point of view but it is a popular temple in the region. If interested, plan a visit.

2. Sunset Viewpoint Madi: (13 kms)

Rocky hilltop offering nice view of ocean below. Located between Manki beach and Apsarakonda falls. Detailed post here. There are more sunset viewpoints around Honnavara if you want to explore around.

3. Manki Beach (14 kms from Honnavara)

Normal beach, nothing unusual or special. 

4. Mini Maldives (34 kms)

34 kms south of Honnavara, beyond Murudeshwara but before Bhatkal-an old quarry filled with clear water. Worth a short visit. Detailed post on Mini Maldives here

5. Mirjan fort (31 kms)

16th century fort near Kumta, 30 kms north of Honnavara. Detailed post here.

6. Murudeshwara (26 kms)

Popular temple town and beach. Popular for large Shiva statue, view from temple tower and beach activities. Even Scuba diving can be tried here.

7. Netgod falls (37 kms)

I have not visited this place. If interested follow the map and explore.

8. Jog falls (65 kms)

A bit far but one of the most popular waterfalls in Karnataka, so worth a visit if you have half a day to spare. Can be clubbed with other nearby areas like Honnemaradu, Ikkeri, Keladi or you can plan a stop while arriving or departing from Honnavara from say Bengaluru.

9. Yana Rocks (50 kms)

Popular hiking destination- visit for rocks, caves, birds and temple. Detailed post on Yana here

10. Bhatkal lighthouse (42 kms)

Another offbeat attraction- old lighthouse on top of a hill. Do check this post for  details

Bonus: Gandhi falls near Bhatkal!

Refer map [link here] Plan in right sequence to avoid back and forth travel.

Arriving at Honnavara:

  • Trains from Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Mumbai/Goa
  • KSRTC buses
  • By road from North (Goa/Karwar) or south (Udupi/Mangaluru) or East (Shivamogga/Sagara)
Food & Stay:
Kamat group has couple of restaurants and hotels in Honnavara. Many other budget lodges and hotels are also available.

We visited Bhattara hotel just before Honnavara. Food was great and price was reasonable. 7-8 items for 4 people costed us INR 420 (2 ghee roast dosa, 1 meal, 1 pav bhaji, 2 plate ambode, 1 plate golibaje, 4 glass buttermilk). You can try during your next trip to Honnavara. It is not a large spacious, luxurious facility but pretty basic. Avalakki mosaru is another popular item there.


  1. Nice list. The waterfalls, the suspension bridge and the board walk look amazing. Have to visit them on my next trip that side. The kasarkod beach and the black sandy beaches to its north have been on my radar for a while.

  2. Seapearl home stay murdeshwar 7899971869

  3. Wonderful list! Lot's to explore near Honnavara.

  4. Wonderful almost all covere and many more hidden beauty like karikakhana hill top and back water sport acrivity and lot small falls in monsoon season

  5. Thank you for your details of honnavara places.... Planning to visit month end .. do we need to hire taxi to visit places which u have mentioned within 10km radius or whether auto is available for all places.. v vl be coming by bus frm Bangalore... And can v finish those nearby places in 2 days... Thank you

    1. You will be able to manage with an Auto... Hire an auto from town, ask him to take you around, if it takes time, take his number and call once done.


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